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 A2 Hosting customer review, do not be misled by the title, as this post is not meant to hype the A2 hosting product. This post is an honest, unbiased review of A2 Hosting services. Nonetheless, we can see A2 as one of the best options web owners must consider for many reasons.

There is no doubt A2 Hosting has weaknesses, which you must be acquainted with before you decide to purchase their product. To be balanced in this review, we will cover the pros as well as the cons.


Let’s start with pricing and discounts.

Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine. – Paul Cookson

Hosting Price Points

If you are a frugal blogger/website owner A2 Hosting is good news for you. Why? Their pricing is one of the most affordable in the industry.

If the budget is tight, you will likely avoid names such as Kinsta, LiquidWeb, MediaTemple, and Pagely, with LiquidWeb being the most expensive.

From this list, Kinsta is the least expensive hosting service at $1,500/month ($15,000.00 if paid yearly). That is the most costly plan from the company, featuring the following offers:

Free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and CDN (Content Delivery Network). SSL is an application layer protocol that secures a website’s information over the internet. On the other hand, CDN is a platform of servers that make web pages load faster.

250 GB disk space

3M visits This capacity means Kinsta can handle 3,000,000 visits on their server without reducing their customer’s loading speed.

150 WordPress (WP) installs                Access A2 Hosting Service Here

However, for small businesses and startups, these requirements may be overkill. For many small businesses, 10 GB of disk space and 1 WordPress install, and 25,000 visits are enough for their operations.

Kinsta has a monthly plan for these requirements at $30/month ($300 if paid yearly). This price may not be welcome among small business owners.

That is perhaps one of the reasons that Cloudways and A2 Hosting are two of the most popular hosting services out there.

They come with the lowest prices among services in the hosting industry, with Cloudways priced at $10.00 and A2 at $8.99 a month.

From $10.99 To $8.99 To $1.99

Initially, for A2, that price was $10.99, but they cut it down to the current price, making it easily one of the most affordable providers out there. The truth of the matter is A2 Hosting offers its service starting from $1.99.

a2 hosting reviews for bloggers

Nowhere can you find such a cheap hosting service except in A2. This monthly startup shared plan comes with:

100.04 MB disk space (unlimited)

Bandwidth (unlimited)

Turbo servers (20x faster)

Free and easy site migration

Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress optimized

If you need to check out others for comparison, here are examples with their under-$4.00 monthly pricing:

Interserver.net = $2.50

HostGator = $2.75

BlueHost = $2.95

Host Armada = $3.33

Scala hosting = $3.95

 You can see that A2 hosting is the most affordable hosting service out there. If your business needs a fast but relatively cheap web hosting service with the ability to scale with your website’s growth, A2 hosting might be the best option for you.

A2 Hosting Discounts

Keep in mind that the discounted prices are for upfront pricing. The discounts do not apply upon your renewal of the A2 service.

What that means is discounts only apply to the first invoice issued for the initial purchase. That is the number one disadvantage of the A2 Hosting service.

For instance, the $1.99/month plan has a monthly billing cycle, and the discount for that plan applies to the first month. You will be charged the discounted price of the package for the subsequent months.

For the yearly billing cycle, the discount applies to the entire first year of the service. After the first year, you will have to pay the discounted price for every subsequent year.

Despite the jump from $8.99 to the renewal price of $24.99, A2 Hosting remains a popular option for its shared hosting service. It is the service that most website projects need. This service is the one you should get unless your site deals with massive traffic or needs special servers.

A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting Benefits

A2 Hosting has special managed WP plans optimized for WP. They come with additional features for WordPress, and their support team consists of WordPress experts. The plans are below

Managed Hosting a2 Reviews

“We use this package on our site and the loading times  have more than halved, recommended for those that are serious.” newbloggingmedia

WP hosting is one of the main focal points of the A2 Hosting service. WP hosting is featured in all the hosting plans, and they have service plans specially designed for WP websites.

Compared to the BlueHost service that we can recommend for beginners and new WP users, A2 Hosting has a more advanced development environment. Thus, we can also recommend A2 for more experienced website owners.

Here is a complete list of A2-Hosting benefits for WP and non-WP businesses:

Superior in terms of customer support, provision times, and site speed and performance

Optimized environment for fast site speeds

Four data centers

Practical perpetual security

Option to switch to turbo server

Server rewind backups

Cloudflare – free CDN for fast page loading time

Optimized WP pre-installation

Anytime money-back guarantee

99.9% uptime

Lowest upfront pricing

We mention aspects that need improvement based on customer feedback:

Dashboard customization

cPanel interface customization

Guided WP site creation

Automatic regular data backups

Protection of excessive resource

The downside of A2 Hosting Customer Support

While many A2 customers are all praised for their brand of customer support, some found a Waterloo in it, and that is about their live chat support. No matter how skilled someone is, there will be times when we need the help of customer support. Most of these times relate to technical issues or billing questions.

A2 Hosting does well in this aspect by putting skilled and knowledgeable staff to help customers in need. Also, they have several systems in place – chat, phone, and ticket. Plus, they have 100+ articles to help customers out with their queries.

A loophole of the service is response time. Many users said they waited long minutes to have their problems solved. Sometimes, the solutions offered are not satisfactory. This deficiency is also reflected in their live chat support, an area where A2 Hosting is not well-known.

A2 Hosting for Beginners

Is A2 Hosting the best option for beginners?

Every hosting service is an excellent option for beginners, so long as the host is using cPanel-based servers.

What is cPanel, and why do you need it? cPanel is an online graphical interface used as a control panel. Its function is to streamline website and server management.

With cPanel as a control panel, users can easily publish websites, organize web files, create an email account, and manage domains. cPanel is a popular control panel in the US.

Among cPanel-based services, A2 Hosting is an excellent choice. However, you should be aware of their renewal charges as they charge higher than new hosting providers, but if you are free from budget constraints or a beginner, then go for A2 Hosting.

Even if you continue getting their services after the discounted service is over, do not fret about the higher charges. The A2 Hosting service is a premium that guarantees high value for the money.

Beginners can get their shared hosting service and not their VPS or cloud-based service. The other options are too advanced for beginners.

Before purchasing the service, take a look at the score table below. A2 receives the following scores:

Hosting type – 5.0/5.0

Hosting features – 5.0/5.0

Help and support 4.5/5.0

Disk space and uptime – 4.5/5.0

Speed 5.0/5.0

Value for the money – 5.0/5.0

A2 Hosting Website Builder

If you need a company to build your website or install upgrades, A2 Hosting also provides such a service. That is a user-friendly approach to building websites for beginners.

Note that the pricing for site-building is different from prices for shared hosting plans. Also, note that the website you will build with A2 will be compatible with Cloudflare’s CDN.

Fast Loading Speed Via Cloudflare

Cloudflare’s CDN is the world’s fastest global CDN. That is why A2 Hosting’s web hosting solutions can generate 20x hosting speed for their customers. For this aspect alone, A2 Hosting is a clear winner in the competition.

At the moment, page loading speed seems to be the most important factor for Google ranking. Google loves fast-loading websites, especially on smartphone devices. Plus, with Cloudflare, your website will maintain a low bounce rate, another important factor to rank high in Google.


A2 Hosting Customer Review 2022
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