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Aweber Review For Bloggers and Marketers


Aweber is an email marketing tool that allows businesses and individuals to create an email list, and send newsletters, promotional emails, and other types of emails to their subscribers. If you have been wondering whether Aweber is the right email marketing tool for you, then you might want to continue reading this Aweber review. This is because, in this post, we will take a look at the various pros and cons of Aweber to help you decide whether it is a good choice for you as a blogger.


Aweber offers tons of features that make it ideal for bloggers, some of which include:

1. Pricing

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Aweber has a more affordable pricing plan compared to the recommended pricing plans of its competitors such as GetResponse and Mailchimp. Aweber’s Pro Plan for 2500 contacts sits at $26.5 monthly(billed annually), whiles of GetResponse’s recommended plan (Market Automation) sits at $59per month, and that of MailChimp (Standard) is priced at $60per month; both for the same 2500 contacts.


With Aweber, you get almost all the features in the recommended plans of the other two, making it an ideal option if you are just getting into blogging and you want email marketing software that you can use to engage with your email list.

Note: Most of the pros and cons we will discuss will pertain to the paid option for Aweber and not the free payment plan.

2. Intuitive Interface

One thing Awerber prides itself on is its easy-to-use interface. The dashboard of Aweber is decluttered and well-detailed compared to other platforms like Mailchimp. You can easily find what you need and you have all your essential metrics available, such as a detailed real-time update of your email list, you can easily create a message without having to go through so much hassle, and whatnot.

3. Integration Option

As a blogger, having the ability to integrate various tools easily into your email marketing platform is essential. Luckily seamless integration is an advantage Aweber has. Aweber allows you to integrate platforms such as PayPal, Squarespace, Wix, Facebook, Shopify, WordPress, Google Analytics, Woocommerce, and 100 other integrations, which bloggers need to simultaneously send messages and perform operations across all these platforms from your Aweber account.

4. Template Builder Options

Whether you are building a landing page or message content, you have the choice of using a drag-and-drop builder or an HTML builder. For bloggers who aren’t tech-savvy, you may want to use the drag-and-drop builder to build all your templates by simply dragging the available template options and dropping them where you want. a more personalized template can use the HTML builder.

Also, there are tons of template options to select from; Aweber offers its users of 600+ templates, with over 700+ newsletter templates and 6000+ licensed images to help you build the perfect template for any kind of campaign you might need.

Also, Aweber has a Smart Designer feature that automatically tweaks any template of your choice to match the color and design of your website. All you need to do is to provide it with your Website’s URL and it will automatically generate a stunning template to match your design.

5. Blog-To-Email

Aweber allows bloggers to schedule the day and time they want to send out e-newsletters. The “Blog Broadcasts” feature allows bloggers to automatically send a snippet of their latest blog post to their audiences at a chosen day and time to drive traffic to blogs. This can be a huge timesaver for most bloggers and an effortless way to notify your audience whenever you have something posted.

6. In-Depth Reporting

Bloggers who want in-depth reporting of various analytics can do so with Aweber. Aweber offers bloggers the opportunity to track metrics that are relevant to them, besides the ability to integrate Google Analytics into the platform. Aweber offers reporting features such as subscriber and message analytics, click-through-rate tracking, Webpage tracking, audience/account tracking, sales tracking, and many more; giving you all the insight you need to visualize the performance of your sales.

7. Great Support Options

Finally, Aweber offers its users great customer support. They offer a 24/7 support service where you can contact their support team either via phone, chat, or email, giving you the ability to address all your issues with the channel of your choice. Even with their free account option, you can get access to all customer support options.


As great as the above-mentioned features may seem, there are some features of Aweber you might want to consider before committing fully:

1. Less Functional Autoresponder

Even though Aweber is known to create the first autoresponder, we must say that its auto-responder isn’t as advanced as that of others. There are quite some limitations to its autoresponder you might want to consider. One limitation of its email automation feature is that it is basic, and does offer options like conditions that allow you to display certain landing pages based on a user’s choice or input. That being said, their autoresponders will send out tailored emails to the various segments you have.

2.No Webinar

Aweber has no option to help you plan Webinars if it is a feature you need as a blogger. That being said, you may integrate other third-party webinar tools into the platform; however, that may come at an extra cost. Therefore, if you might want to host web seminars with your followers, you might have to go the extra mile.

3. Customer Support

Even though Aweber has great customer support options, most people tend to complain about the fact that the support team takes quite a while to get back to users.

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In Conclusion:

If you are new to blogging and the world of email marketing and you need an affordable yet powerful tool to send automated emails to your email list, then Aweber might be the option for you. We recommend Aweber to bloggers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs with up to 25,000 subscribers. Also, bloggers get to integrate a wide variety of CRMs, SMS tools, blogging tools, and payment processors to help make your whole blogging journey easy.


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