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27 Blogging Tools

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The best blogging tools for beginners can help establish your brand if we talk about marketing. It can help you generate web traffic. Also, it can help promote brand awareness within your target audience.

In this post, we bring to you some of the best tools for you to use. These tools can save you time and increase your productivity when blogging. What tools do bloggers use? They are presented here under several categories.

What resources do I need to start a blog?



getresponse logotype getresponse logotype

GetResponse is mainly an email marketing software. It allows business owners to send out emails, online surveys, and follow-up autoresponders to their target audience. With this tool, you can create content, boost your sales, or increase traffic to your blog site.

In particular, check out the service for landing page optimization. With this service, you can turn your landing pages into a profitable online business. They now offer a free one month trial for anyone to try the software’s powerful features.

Make sure that you have a professional-looking blog with unique content. Above all, provide value to your visitors. Do not just sell. Provide value as well.


best blogging tools for 2021

Buzzsumo is another marketing platform you can use in combination with GetResponse. It can amplify your research capabilities. With this tool, you can analyze billions of data points to sharpen your strategies.

Buzzsumo also allows you to:

Explore high-performing content.

Identify influential personalities to power up your campaign.

Track trends and comments so you can respond fast.


A2 Hosting

a2hosting a2hosting

You also want your blog to enjoy the many benefits of fast hosting. In that case,A2 Hostingis one of the best platforms. Users enjoy fast hosting and ultimately get better SEO rankings, higher conversation rates, and lower bounce rates.

Your account can even take advantage of free features that you cannot find on other similar platforms. For now, the company offers free HTTPS protection and PHP 7. we use this company and I can honestly say I love thier service the package we use is the Managed WordPress Hosting single site which cost around the $30 mark.



languagetool languagetool

You can also use grammar checkers like LanguageTool. It can help you show competence and professionalism in blogging. If you make many errors, the image you will project to readers is the opposite.

LanguageTool is a writing assistant that can enhance your writing. Write or copy-paste your article, and it will mark spelling, grammar, and style errors fast. You save time, which you can otherwise waste when proofreading the articles yourself.


canvalogo canvalogo


Canva is a platform that is all about graphic design. Graphic design is a vital blogging aspect for which Canva is helpful. Good graphic design allows you to communicate your ideas to readers effectively.

This top blogging tool is easy to use with its drag-and-drop system, allowing users to create social media designs, Infographics, posters, presentations, and more with ease.

See the impact of such a platform on your blogging. Start with the platform’s free plan.

If your budget can stretch get the pro version it only cost $10 and what you can do, and create with this service is just mind blowing.

Facebook Debugger

facebooklogo facebooklogo


Facebook Debugger is a service on Facebook that allows users to know what information Facebook gets from the pages of a site. Here is the link: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/.

Use this tool to ensure you have the correct images and captions when people share posts from your site through Facebook. It can also tell you whether the description you have for a page reflects the content or not.

Marketersmedia.com Press Release

marketermedialogo marketermedialogo

You can also benefit from a partnership with a press release distribution company like marketersMEDIA. If you are preparing to launch a new product, such a partnership can help. It can generate publicity and excitement among your target audience before the launch.

Not only do press releases play a vital role in calling public attention to business events. They also have a positive effect on SEO and improve visibility and trust.


siteliner siteliner

Siteliner is a tool for optimizing your content. It looks for duplicate content within your website fast. When duplicate content scatters in multiples of your site, Google will have difficulty choosing the best version for users. Your ranking and traffic suffer as a result. In any case, keep your site easy to crawl by search engines.


simsites simsites

For research purposes with your blog, you might find sites that allow you to find similar sites in one click. With this awwsome blogging tool, you can find additional content from different sources. Also, the tool can be used for analyzing your competitor’s content. Others look for opportunities for partnerships and joint ventures. This tool is great for any of these purposes.


piktocahrt piktocahrt

For Infographics, presentations, and reports, another smart tool is Piktochart. This is another graphic design tool that can take your content to a higher level.

With this graphic design tool, you can quickly turn text- and data-heavy content into a visual story that your visitors will adore.

With Picktochart’s library of graphic templates and design components, your days of searching for the perfect image are finally over. Access the site, watch their free demo.


meecovermaker meecovermaker

A graphic design service as well, myecovermaker specializes in creating ebook covers. If you are also into EBook writing but find it difficult to design your product covers, this is the best tool to use. You can also use it for designing your site’s graphics.

With just a click, your design is transformed into a 3D graphic ready for marketing.


freshtitle.com freshtitle.com

Fresh Title is a headline creator service. When you use it, you will no longer hire a copywriter to make your blog’s titles and headlines. With the software, you can easily generate compelling headlines you can plug into your content right away.

Use this tool for every press release, forum post, Facebook ad, and even email subject line. Create powerful titles for your blog posts!


epicwrite epicwrite


If your blog is into long-form content, you can try this content writing service. They have different pricing plans for you to choose from.

If you don’t have time to write but would still like to go in-depth, you can try to hire them or a writing service that focuses on long-form content.



fiverr fiverr


If you intend to make money as a freelance blogger, a popular online marketplace to go to is fiverr.com. In this marketplace, you can work as a freelancer. You can also hire freelancers there to do some aspects of your blog work.

Don’t try to plan everything out to the very last detail. I’m a big believer in just getting it out there: create a minimal viable product or website, launch it, and get feedback. ~Neil Patel

Setting up an account is easy. You will only need a few minutes to set up, and you are in. Once you are in, start posting your gigs.

Fiverr is also a perfect platform for teams. If you happen to work with a marketing team, it is a helpful tool for teamwork management and boosting your team’s productivity.


upworklogo upworklogo

Another freelance market, Upwork also accommodates freelancers looking for blogging work and clients who want to hire a blog writer. If you are a newbie writer who wants to work for clients, it is easy to get started.

Start with small jobs.

Optimize your profile.

Focus on positive feedback to be an excellent writer.

Send project proposals.

Browse millions of jobs at Upwork, and find the perfect projects for you.


clickbanklogo clickbanklogo

ClickBank is a global retailer and a leading affiliate marketplace. If your goal is to blog for money, ClickBank is a great way to do that. Find the products that pair well with your niche and then promote or sell them through your blog.

Make sure that you have a professional-looking blog with unique content. Above all, provide value to your visitors. Do not just sell.



seoreviewtoolslogo seoreviewtoolslogoIf you want to build traffic to your site fast, seoreviewtools.com is one of the best places to go. They boast of different search engine optimization tools, numbering 56 in all as of this writing.

We can mention a few:

SEO writing assistant

Content idea generator

Duplicate content checker

Website SEO checker

Backlink checker

Rank checker

They also feature keyword research tools, a readability checker, and a keyword density checker.

Ultimate Blogging Tools List

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Google Keyword Planner

keywordplanner keywordplanner

You can grow your business or increase leads to your blogs by using this popular tool. Its main function is to provide users with the right keywords to use in their blogs.

The right keywords can help put your ads in front of the right market segment, and Google Keyword Planner can generate these keywords for you.

Once you have the right keywords, proceed to write your blog posts. This strategy is a simple way for your blog to show up when people search for what you offer. Your ad will appear on Google right at the moment a customer is looking for products like yours.


keywordfinder keywordfinderKwfinder is a keyword research tool specializing in providing long-tail keywords.

Why should you use long-tail keywords in your blog? It is because they have a higher conversion value. Using long-tail keywords is also a way to target potential customers with specific search content.

These keywords are less used in searches, but the visitors they lead to blogs are the ones that are more likely to make a purchase or do the action bloggers want readers to do.


answerthepublc answerthepublc

An effective way to gather keywords is by figuring out the questions that your target audience is asking. That is what this tool is all about. It will allow you to discover a goldmine of content ideas.

Have you ever experienced writer’s block? If yes, do not run out of ideas anymore by using this free online tool.

AnswerThePublic will enable you to get a good understanding of how searchers search around topics. Pair this tool up with the kwfinder, and you will have a combination that gives you both long-tail keywords and questions right from the minds of your audience.


prettylinks prettylinks

If you are an affiliate marketer and at the same time a blogger, you will benefit a lot from using Pretty Links, an online tool that allows users to create money from their content.

Pretty Links offers default link options to help speed up the link creation process, so you will not have to add them to your content one by one. It also allows customization of your links and also shortening. Affiliate links have many characters and symbols (which Google dislikes), but Pretty Links shortens them.

WP Rocket Website Speed

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Website speed is a vital factor for site ranking. Your visitors are happy when they can load your pages and can move from page to page fast. As a result, they stay longer browsing your blog and make frequent revisits, which Google likes and causes it to rank your site high.

To make sure you have a website that loads fast, WP Rocket Website Speed is the perfect tool for that. It will improve the loading time of your blog right upon activation.

Google Search Console

googlesearch googlesearch

The Google Search Console is also a tool you can use for SEO purposes. It lets you know if there any usage issues with your blog, and it also offers a feature that allows you to display a new site page faster than other pages. The GSC is a important blogging tool for beginners get this set up straight away its a must have resource…USE IT!!!!

This search console is also a good tool for improving mobile usability. It can show the errors a site has concerning the mobile experience of users.

Google Alerts

googlealeets googlealeets

Tracking new content relevant to your brand or business opens opportunities for link building, partnerships, and brand building. Google Alerts is a tool that is free and easy to use.

You type in a phrase or a keyword, and Google will send you a message via email alerting you of the new content. You can then decide whether or not such content is valuable to you. If yes, use linking strategies to connect to the source or share your content with them.


gtmetrix gtmetrix

A tool you can use in tandem with WP Rocket Website Speed is GTmetrix, a tool for monitoring website speed. This tool helps monitor how fast your pages load in different parts of the world. At the same time, you can check your loading performance on browsers and different levels of speeds of connection. You can also set up an alert system that notifies when a page is underperforming.


Google Analytics

galogo galogo

Google Analytics provides you free tools for analyzing data that matter most to your blog. You might also want to know the behavior patterns of your target audience. Google Analytics can also provide that vital information to you.

With Google Analytics, the valuable insights available at your fingertips include:

Site interface

The behavior of the target audience

Their location and other personal information



quora quora

Quora is a top-ranked online question-and-answer community. It is primarily a forum, but it also hosts blogs. You can share your articles there.

Set up an account and go to your profile. Click the “blog” button, and you will be taken to your account’s blog page, where you can get started. On top of that, you can learn a lot from experts if you have questions on blogging or whatever business you have in your hand.

You can use forum sites like Quora with your inbound linking strategy.



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