🖒The 11 Best Social Share Plugins for WordPress 2023


The Must-Try Social Share Plugins for Your WordPress Blog In 2022


With WordPress, your problem will not even be the lack of social share plugins. There are so many out there. However, you need to zero in on the ones that will help you achieve your goals.

Every year, the list of the best social share plugins for WordPress changes. It accommodates the top needs of the given year. However, this article also includes some plugins that are consistently doing well and are always relevant.

Here are some of the top, must-have WordPress social share plugins to include in your website:

Share This

best social share plugins for wordpress

The list will not be complete without this plugin. It is not flashy, but it is necessary, and it has been improved. ShareThis comprises the original embeddable share buttons. These buttons include the top social networks. They also considered some mobile choices such as WhatsApp and even your regular SMS.

You can already share blog posts from any device. So, your readers can share your posts with no problem at any given time. The app certainly helps you increase your reach. Its buttons are easy to find because of the bold colors. You can even customize them to give them a personalized look to fit the rest of your brand identity.

sharesocial sharesocial


Add This

top social share plugins for wordpress

AddThis is a popular WordPress widget that generates simple share buttons. Like ShareThis, it enables your readers to share your content all over the web through social networks. It helps you increase your traffic and provides you with detailed analytics.

The widget has also expanded its reach. Its developers have also included link promotion, list building, and more to its repertoire of features. The best thing about it is that they are all free.

AddThis also offers follow buttons, thus enabling your readers to receive notifications every time you post something new. It is undoubtedly beneficial to gain followers who are not only invested in one of your posts but your whole blog. The widget is especially helpful if you are promoting products. It can also help you earn more income through your posts if you are monetizing your site.

AddThis comes with other means of promoting your products and services. The link promotion and building plugins can often be annoying for not-so interested site visitors.

However, they can be helpful for you and those who want to keep on receiving information about what you are offering.

You can avail of the widget for free. However, pro and business accounts are $13 and $100 per month, respectively.

Add To Any

share buttons to use on wordpress

The widget’s name says it all. You can use it to install the button on any of several platforms. Of course, WordPress is included in that list. It also supports Tumblr, Blogger, FeedFlare, and more. You can even embed the buttons in your email signature. This way, you will have a better reach, which is helpful if you are email marketing.

For those who prefer customizing their package as much as possible, you can use the widget’s generic code package on your custom website.

You can use AddtoAny without worrying about payment. It does not have any paid plans whatsoever. It is an open-source tool that can help you bring in more website visitors. However, you need to link it with Google Analytics because it does not have its own analytics tools.

Smash Balloon

smashballoon smashballoon

One of the best social share plugins right now is Smash Balloon. The plugin enables you to create a photo feed using your existing Instagram photos.

This WordPress plugin certainly adds color to your blog with less effort if you already have an Instagram account. It is recommended if you enjoy taking photos or are promoting a particular product or lifestyle.

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed links your Instagram with your WordPress. It generates an Instagram access token. Once you have received that, you will be provided with shortcodes that will allow you to display your feed on your site. It is up to you where to position the photos on your page, such as showing them within a sidebar. You can even include them in some of your posts.

This particular widget did not focus solely on Instagram. It also provides plugins for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Sassy Social Share

Screenshot 2021 09 26 13.54.30 Screenshot 2021 09 26 13.54.30

Sassy Social Share is a user-friendly WordPress plugin aimed at getting your posts spread through various social media. It does support multiple social media sites. You can add a sticky floating social menu. This menu is usually the bar you see on the side, with several social media options clustered together. You may also choose to add the button right into your posts.

Your social menu is not just there to provide your visitors a way to share your posts. It is also there to serve as a counter. This way, you can see just how many people have shared through Facebook or another social media site. It can provide you the updated statistics on which social media users have chosen to share your post. The information you get can be helpful because it may zero in on a niche or audience type.

The icon styles can be changed in shape to appeal to your preferences and possibly your target audience’s.

Revive Old Posts

socialrevive socialrevive

Have you seen those sites that often regularly post articles? So, you assume that they will always regularly prepare new stuff. Then, suddenly, you see them reposting their old stuff, possibly their most popular archived ones. They may be using Revive Old Posts.

The Revive Old Posts plugin automatically shares archived posts to keep your social media accounts and websites active. The old posts will keep your readers informed as to what type of articles you churn out.

oldposts oldposts




Social Snap

snapsocial snapsocial

This popular WordPress plugin has a beautiful interface and attractive share buttons. However, it is not all looks with no substance. SocialSnap has a lot of features to offer. Unfortunately, while Social Snap has a free version, most of its best features are available in the premium version.

Social Snap can help you incorporate more than 30 social network buttons on parts of your WordPress site. It can provide you with the usual floating sidebar or inline buttons, but it is also 2021 ready with its sticky bar.

Not only can you post buttons for various colors, shapes, sizes. You can even edit your social media metadata to tweak the appearance of your site and its buttons. Social Snap also helps you display your Pinterest images vertically, perhaps on one side of your website. Take note that the paid version costs $39, while you may have to shell out $99 if you also need all of its add-ons.


elegantheme elegantheme

This social share plugin provides elegant themes, as is suggested by its name. A means to make you a literal social butterfly, Monorach allows you to add social share buttons from more than 35 networks. You can customize your buttons in several different ways, such as through a floatin g sidebar, an automatic popup, or even on your videos and images.

It is user-friendly. So, yo can quickly and easily install them into your website in their various formats. You can also get some results through your social share counts. To access all of its Elegant Themes, you need to pay $89 in subscription fees.

Social Warfare

socialwarefare socialwarefare

While Monarch sounds like it will help you flutter by, Social Warfare implies some guerilla tactics in the making. You can avail of the free Social Warfare if you will only use social share buttons casually. However, business sites may be better off with the pro versions powerful and unique features.

Screenshot 2022 04 01 09.20.56 Screenshot 2022 04 01 09.20.56

The simple and free version can compete with other WordPress share buttons. It has attractive buttons and the ability to share counts. However, if you want Pinterest images to pop up when your posts get shared on Pinterest, you need to go with the pro version.

The pro version can also provide you with Google Analytics and shorten your URL links. These two features are just some of the many things that Social Warfare can weaponize you with. Its pro version costs $29 for each of your sites.

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mashshare mashshare

MashShare is a popular plugin that allows you to install specific social share buttons on your WordPress site. It makes use of Mashable-style buttons. If you are familiar with Mashable –which you most likely are – it means MashShare is a must-have.

The plugin lets you display the share count while using smart caching that enables this feature not to bog down your site.

Again, this plugin has a free version, but the premium add-ons will provide you with more possibilities. The pro version enables you to incorporate more social share buttons and social network options. It enables you to click to tweet and also Google Analytics Event Tracking.

It does not mean that the basic MashShare is not anything to look at. As mentioned, just the Mashable look is worth trying the plugin for. There is a free core plugin, while you need to pay for add-on bundles.

Grow Social

growsocail growsocail

This social share button plugin’s basic version is free, but it does have some beautiful styles.

The free version can enable you to create floating and inline social share buttons for the most popular social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Therefore, if you are only targeting these four, you should not have issues with the free version.

However, entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners may benefit from all the helpful add-on features provided by the pro version. Serious website owners will be glad to know that they can recover their share count even if they change their URLs. They can choose mobile sticky share bottoms for their mobile device users.

The pro version also offers popups and other desktop placement options. It works with Branch of Bitly in shortening your links and also integrates analytics. One of the best features includes the popular posts widget, generated based on your posts’ share counts. Again, the plugin can be free but you can pay for the pro version $34 annually.


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