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Blogging Quotes That Inspire


Blogging can be challenging. If you blog to augment your earnings, it requires time, patience, and consistency to succeed and start generating income.

The key to success is implementing keywords and SEO strategies. You also work on:

Publishing long content

Optimizing images

Increasing page loading

Increasing visitor dwell time

Reducing bounce rates

Your blog must rank well in search engine results, and it must be easy for your target customers to search for you online.

Sometimes, bloggers feel unmotivated to continue blogging, and this can happen to you. Sometimes you feel that nobody cares, and it’s a waste of time. Discard that deceptive mental trap right away.

Though it seems no one is reading your posts, writing and posting articles is itself a channel to improve your craft. Eventually, you will become so good people will no longer ignore you and your work.

The following quotes from top bloggers are educational and inspirational. Always feel proud because you are doing something worthwhile, not only for your own good but also for the benefit of other people.

My goal is to spark something within the reader and allow it to initiate an idea they can grow.Warren Whitlock, Digital Business Development Strategist.

Warren Whitlock helps organizations transform their way of doing business.

His strategy involves social media and online marketing and promotion to draw the right audience from the 2 billion users of the internet.

As a blogger, you want to inspire people to become the best they can be. That will only be possible if you show authenticity or show the real YOU. People see your passion, and you can be the shining example for others with your energy, positivity, and can-do frame of mind.

“Last time I checked, it’s people who use search engines, not some other life form. So you’re always writing for people.”Brian Clark, serial digital entrepreneur and founder of Copyblogger Media and Tangible Digital.

The debate stems from the truth that search engines are only powered by computer algorithms, and as search engines get smarter, writing that satisfies webpage crawlers and pleases people is not that far apart.

To be effective as a blogger, you should write for people and not for search engines. Create your content with human readers in mind.

Thus, do not focus too much on keyword optimization. Focus more on adding value. If you can provide a high value, your keywords will just appear naturally within your content.

“It can be pretty rough out there for bloggers who think small. You’ve got to think – and play – big if you want to make a larger footprint these days.”David Risley, Blog Marketing Academy Founder.

David Risley is a top-notch blogger to follow. If coached by David, you will appreciate how he points out the simple action people can do to move the ball forward. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and a fun person to work with.

The habit of thinking big will help you achieve your goals fast. Think BIG about:

Your contribution to society

Your ability to think creatively and outside the box

Your capacity to overcome obstacles thrown your way

Your ability to provide value to your audience

The purpose of your life

Your goals

Belief is the state of being sure of something. When you think BIG, you start to believe and believe in things despite the evidence to the opposite. You still believe in the odds that things will take place in reality.

“Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”-Jon Acuff, Blogger, Public Speaker, and the author of Stuff Christians Like.

Instead, think about yourself and the good things you want to accomplish. What kind of future do you foresee, and what contributions do you want to make?

If you think of other people’s accomplishments, you will only feel bad about it and be discouraged. Start making it more about you and less about them.

According to Acuff, comparison leads to arrogance or shame and never happiness. He adds that if a person compares his journey to somebody else’s, it will cause him to lose sight of the journey he is actually on.

Here are two additional quotes on the matter:

Stop thinking youre doing it all wrong. Your path doesn’t look like anybody else’s because it can’t, it shouldn’t, and it won’t.”Eleanor Brown, American Novelist, Anthologist, Editor, Teacher, and Speaker.

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