📱Do You Need Social Media for Blogging? Your Questions Answered


Do I Need Social Media Platforms for Blogging ?


Blog posting on social media brings many benefits. Whether you blog for personal reasons, advertising your business, or supporting a social cause, you will reap the benefits.

Do You Need Social Media for Blogging?

Its benefits include:

Building your brand’s visibility, awareness, and domination

Improved SEO ranking


High conversion rate

Increased domain authority

Better search engine crawling

Attracting niche-oriented traffic

Bloggers use social media  to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Others use the social media platform to update consumers about their business and services.

Posting content on social media is a way to build your authority among your target audience. To achieve such a result fast, ensure that your content is highly targeted and tailored to the needs of your audience.

Whatever your purpose is, make sure to plan to incorporate social media, and while you are up and about blogging on that platform, you will discover that there is one thing you need to succeed: CONTENT.

Always provide new and updated content. Without providing fresh content, your followers will lose interest in you. Visitors access websites to learn new things they can apply to uplift themselves, be entertained, or gain more knowledge.

Significance of Using Social Media 

Blogging allows you to ascertain what your target audience likes. Be prepared to create more content always. That way, you can attract more people while increasing your consumer base. Providing the type of content that your audience consumes frequently is a must for your blog and business to succeed.

With social media blogging, you can reach more people without exerting much effort. Nowadays, people can use automated plugins that share their posts automatically to their social-connected accounts.

You can use a buffer tool that schedules your social shares and posts at the appointed time. You write your content and program the software to deliver it automatically to your social accounts.

It will help you rank higher in Google and make your site more readily available to your target audience. Nowadays, no one can ignore the power of social media.

Social Media Blogging Increases Website and Social Media Traffic

Many businesses publish content to build their audience base and boost traffic to their sites. Every time you post fresh content, you provide an opportunity for people and businesses to share information coming from you with their own audience.

You will never know how many people read your posts, but you will see more audience engagement as potential customers flock to your website. Some of these people might have heard about you only for the first time.

Posting content on social media is also a way to build your authority among your target audience. To achieve such a result fast, ensure that your content is highly targeted and tailored to the needs of your audience. The trust you will build among these people will result in brand loyalty and make them recognize that you are the authority to trust.

Use Your Content More than Once

One way to drive as much traffic to your website using social media is to share every piece of your content twice or thrice, depending on the situation.

When you publish a blog post on your website, you should also promote it on social media. Share the post with all your networks after the post went live to gather clicks for every share on Twitter, and Facebook. The return on your effort will look great.

On the second day, share the link to the same post. Will the strategy double your traffic? No, it will not if we base it on the law of diminishing returns. What you do is share the same content a third time. All the shares from the second and third postings will amount to more than twice the shares you have obtained from the first round.

This example is a hypothetical example, but the theory is the more times you share a blog post, the higher is the chance to acquire clicks. The question: Is sharing content on social media multiple times counterproductive to SEO?

It has been established that sharing content multiple times can earn strong reactions from social media users, although some people do not really care about the practice.

The best part of that is the possibility of getting good results from the practice. If you do not receive complaints because of sharing your content more than once but have generated more clicks and shares, as a result, then it is good for you.

The truth is, it is hardly the case that people care, but if some people have noticed it, what do you think is the worst thing that can happen? In many cases, not much. One thing business people fail to remember is that no one notices all things that other people do. 

Your followers on social media are not ever-present on the platform. Some may read your posts only on the second or third posting. Multiple times of sharing may even be the best strategy to make sure you provide your audience the value you promised to give them.

If you fail to share your links more than once, some of your followers may not have the chance to get the value you promised to deliver.

Why do bloggers use social media?

Social Media Blogging Results in Stronger Client Relationships

Aside from the effective approach of personalization, timely communication and provision of relevant information are valuable strategies you can use to build stronger client relationships that last.

Blogging on social media is not only about writing something and publishing it. You can use it to strengthen your ties with existing clients, just as you would when writing personalized emails with content that interests them.

When blogging on social media and posting content that resonates with your audience, you expect that some readers will give their two cents on the matter discussed.

Make sure to respond promptly, and with every response, make sure to exceed expectations. People will love you if you go the extra mile every time and put effort to address their concerns and questions right on the platform. They expect professionalism from you and a desire to engage with them.

Aside from blogging, other client engagement techniques that work for improving ties with existing clients and building loyalty among them on social media include:

Providing dedicated customer service on social channels.

Using social listening. There are social listening tools that you can use to collect and centralize comments, suggestions, complaints, and questions about your brand. With the collective information you have gathered, you will be able to modify your marketing campaign strategies and messaging.

Personalize customer experience on social media. Ensure that your social media interactions include your recipients’ first names. Example: Congrats, Tom! If and when you are looking for a visual content workshop to build your brand, do not hesitate to look us up.

Offer awards and incentives. People love free stuff. That is why marketers create contests and similar marketing activities to offer giveaways, incentives, and rewards during the event. You can use Instagram and ask users to leave a comment with a hashtag that prods them to invite a friend to join or take part. It is an effortless strategy and will get your followers engaged and excited. 

How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Do You Need Social Media for Blogging?

There are many ways you can promote your blog on different social media.


Facebook Ads – An effective way to grow your email list with high-quality leads.

Create a Facebook page and invite your target audience to take part and share beneficial content.

Connect with influencers.

Join niche-based groups and share relevant information with people.


Create videos targeting your niche. Share the link of your blog within the video content or the description.

Ask viewers to promote your blog and content.

Use YouTube Ads.


Tweet your blog posts regularly.

Use Twitter Ads.

Connect with influencers on Twitter.

Always bear in mind that whatever platform you use, relevant and informative content is the KING. If your content does not provide useful information, any effort you make on social media will not give you benefits in return. You must be capable enough to write relevant content that engages your audience to read your posts.

More Available Social Media Platforms to Consider

There are various social media platforms that you can use to expand your reach and grow your business. Ideally, all the big platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, fall under one of the following categories.

Core Platforms

If you want to take advantage of the power of networking and collaborate with like-minded people, the best platforms for that are the age-old platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Social Bookmarking


Under this category, you have Pinterest,Delicious, and Digg. These are bookmarking sites you can use to increase the number of people you can target and boost the reach of your content.

Social Apps

Social apps are slowly taking over most social platforms these days. One cannot ignore the enormous reach of Instagram and Snapchat. Messaging apps, such as Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp, offer free messaging and video calling, allowing users to connect with billions of people around the world.

Social Blogging Tools

Many blogging platforms are becoming more social nowadays. WordPress and Tumblr are some of the best examples in this category. For instance, WordPress blogging is profitable, and you get to monetize your blog through affiliate links and direct advertising. You can also customize your blog as you please.

Twitter, on the other hand, is an ideal platform for micro-blogging. Microblogging is the practice wherein a blogger makes short but frequent posts to a microblog.

Also, you can consider Quora and Reddit. These are sites where people can submit content and ask questions about topics of interest. These sites and many more can help you promote your content in plenty of ways.

A Couple of Social Media Tips for Bloggers

Here are some of the things you can do to build a strong and effective social media marketing strategy:

Place social media icons at the top of your website.

Do You Need Social Media for Blogging

Make it easy for your visitors to connect with your social media accounts and profile. You can do this by making social media icons easy to find and allowing quick access to your social accounts with a simple click.

Establish your presence on Pinterest

Pinterest is getting to be a hot frontier for bloggers, and many are trying to establish their presence on the platform. Pin the best photos you have there and connect them with your blog posts using links.

The best to do on this platform is to share blogs with rich visual content. So, travel, design, crafts, food, and fashion are examples of fitting content suitable for the Pinterest platform. Use a Pinterest plugin, so it will be easy for your followers to share your photos and content through their Pinterest boards.

Blog with a generous heart.

Promote the content of other bloggers, hoping that they will promote your content too. The truth is, you need variety in your content, and one of the ways to achieve that is to get ideas from reading the content of other bloggers.

When you do so, retweet, share, or repin their posts. Always reciprocate the kind actions of other bloggers whenever they do you a favor. That is how you can effectively network socially.

Best of all, spend a lot of time on social media if you can because that is how you can forge relationships and keep yourself updated about news in your niche or industry.