🏆 How Do Bloggers Do Giveaways? Discover The 4 Tools You Need To Use

How do you do a giveaway for your blog?

How Do Bloggers Do Giveaways?

Social media has constructed a clear path for those who want to become famous. With the recent rise of viral stars, you need more than interesting content and attractive looks to stand out.

Engagement is the foundation of a successful career within the industry. Although you can gain engagement through networking and collaborations, you can also opt to do giveaways to increase your blog’s popularity.

What Is a Giveaway?

A giveaway is a marketing strategy that attracts an audience with a probability of winning a desirable prize. The most common types of giveaways are contests and sweepstakes. Contests award the winner by choosing someone who has put in time and effort to win.

On the other hand, sweepstakes are a giant raffle involving a grand prize and a pool of possible winners. Everyone who joins has an equal chance of winning since the winner is drawn at random.

How Do Giveaways Give Way for Your Career?

Although giveaways sound favorable to its participants, the host receives twice as many benefits in return.

Room to Breathe

Posting content allows the flow of organic traffic towards your blog. However, having to think of interesting topics can be tiresome after a while. Giveaways distract your audience from your temporary hiatus and devote time to think of what else you want to cover.

More Visitors

Winning a giveaway is something everyone wants to experience, especially if it’s for an exciting prize. Better prizes will generate more interest. With the traffic directed towards your blog, people can check out your content and likely become regular readers.

Growth in All Aspects

While the spotlight is on you, you can redirect visitors to check out your other accounts on different platforms. You can use this opportunity to develop your following and stay on the good side of the social media algorithm.

Give Thanks

Despite the new visitors that giveaways may attract, your loyal readers will feel rewarded for following you. It also encourages recent visitors to become loyal readers for more chances to win future giveaways.

Promote Products

Giveaways are a tremendously good way to promote physical products, especially if it is new to the market. By listing the product’s benefits and a positive experience you’ve had with it, the more appealing the product will sound.

At first glance, it seems that anyone who enters the contest possesses hope to win. On the other hand, the host has already received several benefits from the giveaway. When it comes to ranking your blog, giveaways are a great strategy to build your following.


Giveaways can allow bloggers to declutter for a cause. They help to find a new home to things that you don’t use or want. Chances are that the winner will put the items to good use.

How to Host a Giveaway

As Brian Tracy once said, “Effective performance precedes painstaking preparation.” Realistically speaking, successful giveaways must be backed up by tons of strategic planning. Here are some things to consider when it comes to preparing for a giveaway:

What’s Your Purpose?

Behind every giveaway is an objective. Ask yourself what you want in return. Here are some questions that can help you in determining your goal:

Are there any products you want to endorse to the market?

Do you want to boost your brand recognition?

Would you prefer to build your following and increase your list of email subscribers?

The Prize

winneris winneris


Receiving anything for free sounds like a good deal to anyone. However, you need an impressive prize to provide more than just another giveaway.

 “The more in-demand the winnings are, the more likely people are to join.” 

Choosing prizes can be difficult. In general, popular prize choices can include gadgets, cash/gift cards, clothes, or even a lifetime supply of a specific product. If you want to make the giveaway more meaningful to your target audience, the prizes should be relevant to your content. For example, a fitness blogger could give out $500 worth of branded activewear.

Although the most desirable prizes can sometimes be costly, you can also think of them as an investment for your brand. Keep in mind that the award for the giveaway should be equivalent to the benefits you wish to receive.

Lastly, the prizes need to be easily understood. It helps to include details such as the number of winners and their consecutive prizes. Including the worth of the goodies can encourage more participants to join.

Rules and Regulations

When it comes to organizing a giveaway, the host has the freedom to set up their rules and guidelines as long as it complies with the law.

Start by determining what kind of giveaway you want to take place.

Will it require participants to pass in submissions?

Most giveaways that require competition between participants is called a contest. Each submission is judged based on a specific skill or effort. The winner is determined as the best of the batch and wins the grand prize.

Do participants need requirements before entering?

The most common type of giveaway is called a sweepstake. You can select winners when they subscribe to your newsletter or interact with your posts. The winner must be chosen at random through a lucky draw, which means that every participant has a chance at winning. Unfortunately, people you know (friends, family, coworkers) should not be eligible to win according to the laws of the United States.

Would they need to pay to enter?

Unfortunately, it is illegal to allow participants to pay to enter as this counts as a type of lottery/gambling. When hosting a giveaway, it needs to be free to enter. However, there are loopholes around this method.

Contests allow people to partake in the sweepstakes by purchasing your products. Starbucks used this method during their Red Cup Contest in 2015. Customers submitted photos of themselves with uniquely designed red Starbucks cups that both promote and increase sales.

According to the law, giveaways that require monetary submission must provide alternate methods of entry (AMOE). This includes sending submissions for free online, in-person, snail mail, text, call, or social media. Additionally, participants using AMOE must have the same chances of winning.

Disclaimer: Whichever type of giveaway you choose, be sure to stick by the start and end dates. Consider an appropriate amount of time for submissions since setting an extension goes against American law.

Encourage people to join.

Promote your giveaway by posting about it. Make the post sound more personal by writing it to your target audience. Discuss the prizes included and provide some commentary to get your audience hyped about the items. Don’t forget to disclose whether international participants are allowed, the deadline, and the way how winners will be chosen.

What Type of Giveaway Is Recommended?

Among the three types of giveaways, sweepstake giveaways are recommended because:

It requires less effort.

People find convenience attractive. Sweepstakes need only the bare minimum from you, enabling almost everyone to join. In return, the host receives more engagement with their blog.

It strengthens the relationship between the brand and the audience.

The entertaining experience of having a chance at winning gives your brand a positive connection to your readers.

It is less complicated.

There are fewer chances of breaking the law when it comes to sweepstakes, making the process easier for you and your brand. The competition requires less effort, which allows you to focus on more content for your blog.

Important Tools

Selecting the winner can be overwhelming since you want to be sure everyone gets a fair chance. Instead of going through all the participants manually, you can use these convenient tools:


rafflecopter rafflecopter

Run your sweepstakes giveaway without having to deal with complicated coding. The tool allows entries from liking a page, subscribing to a mailing list, following an account, leaving a comment, answering a poll, and many more.

With Rafflecopter, all entries are organized according to IP, email addresses, timestamps, and numbers of entries. Users are also given the option to download the data as an Excel spreadsheet file.

Other tools Rafflecopter includes are validating entries, selecting, and announcing the winner. All tools are user-friendly and are operated with a simple click of a button.

Additionally, users can use the application to generate their terms and conditions by filling out a form. Once you’ve entered the information about the giveaway, you can proceed to embed a widget on your blog.


How Do Bloggers Do Giveaways?


Recognized as an effective WordPress tool, RafflePress has been the reason behind various successful giveaways for small businesses. Users can customize their widget through a drag and drop method while receiving a live preview.

If you don’t feel like making your widget, RafflePress provides users with a template collection. The application is efficient where participants won’t have to fill up lengthy forms. Entries are submitted with a couple of clicks, which will engage more people. You can attach a picture of the prizes on the widget to capture your audience’s attention.

Similar to Rafflecopter, RafflePress eliminates the manual composition of rules and regulations by filling out a form. However, it differs as RafflePress is mobile-friendly.


How Do Bloggers Do Giveaways?

If you’re looking for a giveaway tool to gather numerous entries, you can try out KingSumo. The application was engineered in a way that participants could share the giveaway to their friends in exchange for three bonus entries. This will allow your giveaway to gain exposure and bring more visitors to your blog.


gleam gleam

Gleam provides their users 50 ways to build their business with their platform: https://gleam.io/blog/50-growth-hacks/Gleam.io is a small startup marketing platform based in Australia. Many users have applauded this tool for its easy setup. Gleam allows contests and sweepstakes to be posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Though the aforementioned tools handle sweepstakes giveaways, Gleam.io is additionally capable of handling contests. With their gallery feature, you can showcase photos of participants’ entries to encourage others to join in on the fun.


Giveaways are a powerful way to popularize your blog and other social media accounts. It’s an efficient way to target a potential audience who are most likely to follow you in the long run. It rewards the supporters that you’ve already collected. Lastly, it could help to endorse products included in the grand prize.

There are two types of giveaways: sweepstakes and contests. However, sweepstakes are the easiest to handle since they have a simpler process. Although bloggers have the freedom to customize rules for their giveaways, they must oblige with the laws in their country.

Tools such as Rafflecopter, RafflePress, KingSumo, and Gleam.io are recommended for giveaways since they’ve all been a part of a successful giveaway. However, each platform has its advantages and you should choose according to what your giveaway prioritizes.

Let’s face it: the virtual world of influencers is like a giant popularity contest. To be successful, you must discover ways to build a large following. Bloggers must find different strategies to remain relevant to their audience. Not only can giveaways give you the limelight, but they can also pave your way to the top.