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Quizzes The Key to Higher Engagement


How Do I Create a Quiz for My Blog? Have you ever thought about building interactive quizzes for your blog? In case you didn’t know, blog quizzes are the latest trend these days to stimulate engagement among the readers of your blog. After all, according to Buzzsumo, a blog quiz is shared 2,000 times on average, which signifies what Forbes stated about blog quizzes going to get more and more popular in the future.

According to Buzzsumo, a blog quiz is shared 2,000 times on average.

Are you eager to know your audience more and get them more engaged when they reach your blog? Don’t worry because, in this article, I will show you how you can create quizzes for your blog and where you can find quiz builders to make the process even easier.

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Benefits of Creating Quizzes for Your Blog

These are the three most important advantages that you can attain from adding some engaging online quizzes to your blog.

First, it helps you check how well the audience knows the niche of your blog, including some specific topics within this niche.

Second, it also helps you figure out the topics they lack knowledge about. In other words, it gives you an idea about the specific subjects you can write about for your blog.

Third, it allows you to know more about your target audience.

1. EdApp’s Rapid Refresh

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Known for being a free LMS or learning management system, EdApp is also a quiz builder application. This microlearning app allows its users to learn in a fun and interesting way because they are able to keep up with their lessons no matter how busy their school or work schedules may be.

The flexibility that it offers its users makes it one of the top LMS apps in multiple industries, such as hospitality, construction, and retail.

One of EdApp’s new features is an online quiz builder called the Rapid Refresh. Tailor-made to assess how the team understood their training, Rapid Refresh is an easy-to-use app that permits users to set up the questions in a spreadsheet.

It gives access to any reports that allow you to take action whenever there are knowledge gaps in any of the team members.

Do you want to check how your audience knows about a certain subject or understand your courses in your blog? This may be the way to go.

Key Features:

Has a selection of more than 50 testing templates that are easy to use with no coding knowledge required

Set up questions in a user-friendly spreadsheet

Automatically scores the answers and includes them in the dashboard analytics

Showcases a wide variety of question templates that include games (like jeopardy, true or false, letter jumble), and multiple-choice (like chat simulation, carousel, circle your choice)

Has in-app customization and branding capabilities

Provides certificates upon completion

Can be translated into more than 100 languages

Has mobile capability that allows users to answer the quiz anytime anywhere

2. Typeform

how to create a quiz for your blog

Typeform prides itself on going beyond the ordinary and boring quizzes. With this builder, you can actually create precise and professional quizzes through a simple drag and drop method.

All you need to do is select your preferred types of questions and enter the specific questions along with the answers. Moreover, you can also customize them as much as you want until you are satisfied with how it looks.

Lastly, you can now publish them on your blog for your audience to answer. One of the things people struggle with when creating a quiz is how to start. With Typeform, this is not much of a problem because it has over 400 templates to choose from. All of them are aesthetically attractive that will definitely not disappoint your blog’s audience.

Typeform is free to use by everyone. However, its free version is only limited to ten questions for every quiz and only ten responses each month. If you want to get the best of this application, you can avail of their paid version at only $25 per month.

Key Features:

Over 400 attractive templates to choose from for paid users

Drag-and-drop quiz builder that is very easy to use

Analytic reports can be exported in an Excel file

Reports are shareable

3. Google Forms

One of the earliest quiz builders is Google Forms. If you are into a no-fuzz blog quiz, then this is the one for you. If you have been on the internet realm for several years now, then it is very likely that you have already come across Google Forms somewhere somehow. It could be to order online or to answer a survey or to take part in a membership.

Aside from that, this Google tool is also widely used when it comes to creating simple quizzes for your blogs. Some types of questions included in this tool are checkbox, multiple-choice, and drop-down.

Right after answering the form, it automatically provides a report which can help you save a significant amount of time to compute and assess the results.

In comparison to other quiz builders, the templates available in Google Forms are quite basic and static because of the limited customizability.

Thus, if you want to personalize your quiz, using this app could take some time because you will likely be building it from scratch. But if you want it straight, this could be ideal for you.

Key Features:

Has straightforward quiz templates

Limited customization option

Automatic data analysis and results

Free to use

4. TriviaMaker

Screenshot 2022 01 01 11.22.14 Screenshot 2022 01 01 11.22.14

Do you want to make your blog quizzes as lively and colorful as your blog niche? TriviaMaker has got you covered. This tool allows you to build quizzes that are inspired by widely known game shows including Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, and Jeopardy. What a fun and exciting way for your audience to answer the quizzes on your blog. With limited features, you can already add game format quizzes using TriviaMaker. But if you prefer to use the full capacity of this too, they also have premium paid plans available.

Key Features:

Has more than 100 pre-made game-format quizzes available

Has a wide selection of quiz styles such as list, grid, and wheel

No need to download or sign in to be able to use this tool

Compatible with various devices

Has both free and paid versions

5. Survey Monkey

Screenshot 2022 01 01 11.23.53 Screenshot 2022 01 01 11.23.53

Probably one of the most commonly used quiz makers out there, Survey Monkey has been around for more than two decades. A brainchild of Ryan Finley, this application provides free customizable online surveys that enable users to effortlessly produce questionnaires. Its free version has limited features and lets you view up to 40 responses only. Its paid version, on the other hand, is equipped with back-end programs including sample selection, data analysis, data representation, and bias elimination.

Apart from offering survey capabilities to individual users, Survey Monkey also caters to large companies that want consumer-focused marketing and brand management. That said, it could certainly provide what you need in blog quiz building.

Key Features:

Easy-to-use builder of quizzes, surveys, and polls

Has several quiz templates to choose from

Highly customizable with tools for designs and themes

Quickly analyzes and exports results

6. Kahoot!

Are you looking for another quiz maker option that gives you colorful and vibrant visuals? Kahoot would probably end that search. This app utilizes game elements and attractive visuals to boost website engagement and guarantee a higher completion from the quiz takers. Wittingly called “kahoots,” their quizzes can be entered through a mobile application of a website browser. But it is not yet the best part. You only have the option to present them on a shared screen so that groups can have the opportunity to answer them simultaneously. On the other hand, you can also systematize them as a self-paced quiz that can be taken by the audience asynchronously.

Kahoot has a free version that lets you design quizzes and connect a team of a maximum of 10 members remotely. If you need to raise the number of people who can take your quizzes, you can avail of their paid plan that is only $17 per month.

Key Features:

Colorful and game-format quiz templates

Can host games for a group of three up to ten players

Can be used for self-paced challenges

Has both free and paid versions.

7. Thrive, Architect,

Screenshot 2022 01 01 11.27.06 Screenshot 2022 01 01 11.27.06

From when Shane and Paul started Thrive in 2013, this application has already gone through multiple improvements to this day. In fact, after listening to its users’ suggestions, it now takes pride in being a cost-efficient, feature-packed builder application.

These days, people have been using their mobile phones more than their computers when surfing the net. Thrive Architect listened to this Google prediction many years ago and has made ultimately it very simple to produce various layouts on different devices including mobile phones. Rather than fixed positioning, you can now resize and reformat elements on your blog quizzes such as text, columns, images, and more without affecting other versions on other device sizes.

With its drag-and-drop feature, even beginners can easily create quizzes on their blogs using Thrive Architect’s wide range of highly converting templates. It contains elements that you can easily edit and customize according to your liking.

Ultimately, if you like an easy-to-use quiz builder for your blog that is also highly customizable, I believe Thrive Architect is one of the best choices for you.

Key Features:

Has multiple quiz templates to choose from

Has colorful and attractive designs

User-friendly drag-and-drop tool

Compatible with any device sizes

Has customization capability options

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Quizzes can help you in both instances. Are you ready to create a quiz for your blog? Take the first step and choose the builder that’s best for you. 




I’m going to throw in an “extra” quiz building option called HD quiz if you use WordPress download it here.

🤔How Do I Create a Quiz for My Blog? 7 Must Use Resources