📨How Do I Get 1000 Subscribers For My Blog? Problem Solved


How Do I Attract Subscribers To My Blog?



You asked the question “How Do I Get Subscribers For My Blog? let get down to the nuts &bolts and find outIf you are reading this, you have probably invested a lot of time, effort, and money to get your website up and running.

You would think that after the launch, the workload would finally get lighter. Boy, were you wrong! Once a website is live the long hours and tedious work starts.

Launching and having readers is not where the work ends. If your goal is to make money from your blog in the long run, the bread and butter would come from your pool of subscribers and supporters.


Did you know that 75% of your readers will leave and never come back to your website? That is why it is very important to capture their attention and find a way to connect with them the moment you get the chance.

When you have a substantial number of subscribers, you can start creating long-term marketing plans. Subscribers are captured readers who are genuinely interested in your niche. Your job is to keep your community happy.

You need to nurture them and regularly give them answers to their problems. Get them engaged and interested so they will remain loyal to their subscription and support your future endeavors.


How Do I Get Subscribers For My Blog? Let’s solve this once & for all

Here are some proven and effective ideas to gain more subscribers:

Create an opt-in box


list building on my blog

An opt-in box is an offer that either pops up, slide-in or appears as a floating bar on your page. Its purpose is to ask for your reader’s contact information in exchange for something useful to them.

The most important information that you must get from your subscriber is their active email address. Once you get this information, you can now create a list of subscribers and start profiling them. It will be very useful for your future email marketing campaigns.

Opt-in boxes should be easy to accomplish. Just ask for their name and email address. This information should be sufficient. Do not trick them into clicking on links that open up another tab. Too many details to fill out will make the reader press the dreaded ‘x’ icon and close the opt-in box, losing your chances of getting the information you want.

Give a compelling lead magnet

The only reason your reader will willingly give out their contact email information is that they are getting something in return for free. The freebie you are giving them is called a lead magnet.

Here are some ideas to attract new email subscribers

-periodic newsletters either weekly or monthly

-create a free ebook as a giveaway

-login privileges to a tutorial video  Get your free email course here 

-a step-by-step guide 

-downloadable templates such as a 14-day follow-up email sequence. 

-a resource kit 

-educational materials

-discount vouchers or coupons

-a free webinar 

-a certificate course

Make the exchange irresistible and interesting so readers would make an effort to type in their contact information. Most of them would be too lazy to put in that extra effort of typing.

The trick is to make sure that the exchange is something creative that piques their interest or answers their dilemma. Always tell them the benefits of being part of your email list.

Use inbound marketing solutions like Getresponse

What are you going to do with your list of subscribers? The challenge is to stay in touch with each one of them and get engagement. To do this, you would have to send them weekly emails, offer new solutions, respond to their inquiries, and invite them to revisit your website for the latest updates.

This takes a lot of work and can be overwhelming. At this stage, help from other people may be necessary or you can use an automation tool like Getresponse.

List management and email campaigns can be very time-consuming. If done manually, it can take up your entire day,

leaving other important work undone. When you already have a system in place, don’t you wish you had a little help like autoresponders and marketing automation?

Marketing tools like Getresponse can help automate your responses, schedule email marketing campaigns, improve your engagement, generate new leads, and grow your email list.

How Do I Get Subscribers For My Blog

Send out newsletters

how do I get email subscribers to my site


A newsletter is very important in email marketing. It is a gentle reminder to your subscribers that your website always has new content. It also serves as an invitation to revisit the site and see what new things you have to offer. newsletters will help increase your website visitors, generate leads and sales.

Does email marketing still work? According to an October 2020 article by Forbes.com, it still delivers the highest return of investment (ROI) compared to other marketing channels. Aim for a bare minimum of 500 list subscribers initially to get your marketing going.


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Use social media platforms

Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

give businesses more online visibility. It makes it easier for people to find your website. The objective is to entice social media followers to visit your website to increase traffic.

Add your website URL and business signature to every social media platform you own. Place a call-to-action phrase and invite people to know more about the services you offer once they visit your website.

Maximize the Geotag feature

Geotagging is a feature that adds location to your posts. It is a great way for searchers to find you when they are narrowing down information to the ones nearest their location.

In social media, geotagging can earn you up to 70% more engagement. Geotagging your photos in blog posts can increase your rankings in search engines.

Place smart call-to-action subscription boxes on your pages

Smart CTAs are similar to opt-in boxes but they do not necessarily need to offer freebies. They are called ‘smart’ because they will not pop up when the reader is already a subscriber. It is meant to

target new visitors and returning readers who have not subscribed to your email list yet.

A smart CTA is an invitation to subscribe to your blog. To get them interested, briefly explain the benefits of being a subscriber then use a very short form to ask for their name and email address. CTA boxes can be placed in strategic pages of your website like the home page or the ‘About’ page.

Work on your ‘Contact Us’ page

Your website’s ‘Contact Us’ page can be a goldmine for gathering potential subscriber information. You will need to apply the right strategy and encourage your readers to ask a question so that they will be required to fill out the information sheet.

A ‘Contact Us’ page requires the reader to enter their name and email address before sending in a question. They will expect the answer in their email inbox. This is a great opportunity to convert them into subscribers by offering premium freebies. Offer a free or low-cost certificate course via email

Do you have a skill you can teach others?

Build a wordpress email list

Learning courses are always a great way to lure subscribers because it gives them solutions to specific problems. You can ask them to sign up for the learning course via email and receive updates and certificates through their inbox.

People are always trying to learn new skills for personal development and to strengthen their resumes. Courses are more effective than giving out free ebooks or guides. You can organize a podcast or webinar and invite an expert to conduct the course for a small fee or token.

Learning something from you instantly establishes trust in your website and helps build stronger relationships. In the long run, you can even entice them to purchase goods or services from your website.

Celebrate milestones with your audience

Let your audience know you are serious about growing your website by celebrating milestones. For instance, you can thank them for every 500 subscribers or whenever they share your content. Hold contests or have a day for giveaways during your website anniversary and general celebrations and holidays.

People on social media love freebies. Give them tokens to make them feel that you are reaching out to the community. These small celebrations will make your audience feel that your business is genuine.

You can also try looking for sponsorships for your giveaways. Many corporate brands give out sample products. You can try soliciting products to use as giveaways in exchange for endorsements and recommendations. This will alert big businesses that you can be a good account to invest in if they see how actively you engage with your subscribers.

Engage with your subscribers on a personal level

Personal engagement can be measured by how your subscribers comment on your posts and stay active on your social media accounts. Engagement can also be measured by the number of page views and shares.

Online readers these days are smart. Active users on social media can tell if they are engaging with a real person or an autoresponder. They love real people who share their interests, vulnerabilities, and talents on their accounts. Posts with heartfelt content are the ones that get more likes and comments. These are also the posts that are more likely to be shared.

The best strategy is to reply to comments on your posts, make comments on other accounts’ posts, send direct messages to accounts that matter. Keep inviting people to visit your website and offer them answers to their woes.



My Final Thoughts

The most important piece of advice is to start growing your subscribers NOW and not a day later. A fully functioning website takes time to grow. Take note that there are already hundreds of other accounts that have started ahead of you. If you wait and ponder you are already wasting precious time.

If you feel overwhelmed, you can always subscribe to inbound marketing services that help increase your number of subscribers. This will save you the trouble of hiring additional manpower to keep your blog running.

Getting hundreds or thousands of subscribers in a small amount of time can be possible with these services. It should be enough to jumpstart your account if you’re aiming for big numbers.

Be real with everything your write in your posts and comments so people can easily relate to you. Research trends and topics that are relevant to your niche and stick to it. Keep posting and keep sharing your content. Like and comment on other blogs and enjoy what you do.

You will surely reach your goals in no time.