🚥 How Do I Get Traffic To My Blog? Techniques That Work In 2023


How Do I Get Traffic To My Blog?



How do I get traffic to my blog? Many business owners know search engine optimization (SEO) is a top-notch way to drive traffic to a blog. However, people who only use SEO should understand that other techniques can also drive traffic. At the same time, these techniques support the results that SEO generates.

The trick is to diversify the traffic that comes to your site and not rely on SEO alone. Otherwise, if your principal traffic source fails, it can mean the end of your business.

In this post, we will look at the many ways to drive traffic to your site. Remember, SEO tops the list.


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“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.” – Adam Audette

You can use paid services, while some platforms do not require financial expenses. Choose the most suitable techniques, depending on your brand and target audience.

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SEO, Search Engine Optimization 

If you are not using SEO for your business, you do not take advantage of the most effective traffic-driving strategies. SEO is the best way to rank your site higher in search results pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the likes. If you rank higher, searchers can see your business when they perform a search.

If people can see your business, they can visit your website and engage with you. It means a better chance to get connected to your target audience. For your business, it means increased revenues.

With SEO, you will do the following marketing tactics:

Competition analysis

Competition analysis allows you to become acquainted with your competitor’s advantages and shortcomings. You can use a comparison chart to help you understand the position of your brand in the market. To do that, you will have to grade your competitors based on performance, search result position, market response, and price.

You will also have to look at their websites to see what keywords they use and the messaging they put forth to customers.

Keywords selection

What are the words or phrases your target audience uses when they want to locate businesses or products like yours? The best way to know that is to use a keyword selector tool. This blogging tool can give you a list of keywords and how frequently people use them.

Check on the frequency data, and look for keywords that people use a lot. You can use those keywords to drive traffic to your site.

Others look for similar phrases that people do not use a lot. The reason is there are too many websites optimized for the most popular keywords. High-intent, long-tail keywords sometimes give better results. Check the ones that work and focus your efforts on those keywords.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is a crucial factor in SEO for websites to rank higher on Google and other search engines. You optimize your web pages per the guidelines set by search engines.

Here, you will work with the following components:

Title of the page


Meta-description and labels

Domain data and URL structure


Fresh and valuable content

Brisk loading

Easy-to-understand routes

Content marketing

How Do I Get Traffic To My Blog in 2022

Content marketing allows businesses to target a defined audience. Using this technique, you can increase brand recognition, cultivate loyalty among your existing customers, and attract new audiences. First, identify the needs of your target audience. Then make use of data gathered through your marketing research. Finally, target potential buyers with valuable content to catch their attention and hold their interest.

Internal link building

Internal linking within your blog is critical to your SEO and in decreasing your bounce rate, in particular. Internal links link to the different pages of your site, causing visitors to stay longer. As a result, your site’s traffic will increase as well.

Create engaging content throughout your pages. Also, make sure that you improve the navigational experience of your users. Linking a page to another page provides an easy way for users to find the information that they need from your site.

External link building

If another website links to your blog, we call it a link to your site. It is an external link to your site. If your site has many such types of links, you can attain high rankings in no time.

Such an idea stems from the understanding that external links are the hardest metric to manipulate and, therefore, the best way to determine the value of a site. Imagine what can happen if Google or Wikipedia links to your site.

Feedback and reporting

You want to know if your SEO is generating results. Feedback and reporting give you that information. You should figure out what you are looking for in a report.

Besides traffic performance, you may also want a report to include website ranking and performance. For traffic performance, you need to look at the following items:

Traffic overview per marketing channel

Landing page report

Keyword rankings

Backlink overview

Main Benefit: SEO improves your search result position, which leads to more traffic and conversions.

Cost: $500 – $2000/month

Results: It takes six months for a website to rank on the first page of search results using the most effective SEO practices.

Social Media

How Do I Get Traffic To My Blog fast?

Social media offers a vast opportunity for attracting traffic to your blog. First and foremost, know the social media platforms your target market is using. After analyzing your social media audience and identifying where they spend their time the most, it is time to create content for social media.

Your social content need not be lengthy like your website content. A few lines will always be enough when writing content for social media. Also, use the most relevant hashtags, and use images as well. Attractive images entice social media audiences to check their website sources.

Thus, get active on social media, and share your ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, Mix.com, and forums relevant to your business.

Main Benefit: Social media marketing connects businesses to people, increases brand awareness, and boosts leads and sales.

Cost: $450 – $6000 per month

Results: Social strategies take around six months to see any of them pay off.


Paid Ads

Paid ads are a kind of advertising that you need to pay for versus owned or earned advertising. With this type of advertising, you directly target consumers according to their intent or interests.

There are many platforms for this type of marketing, such as Google Ads, and Bing adsfor search engines. There is also such type of platforms in social media, such as Facebook ads and Pinterest ads.

Paid ads are beneficial if you are getting instant results. The platform will charge you a fee for every impression or click your ads get. You have the choice to control the expense for paid ads per campaign, per click, or per day.

According to Goggle, marketers make $2 for every $1 they spend on Google ads.

Main Benefit: Paid advertisements are quick in terms of generating results. Also, they reach your target audience fast.

Cost: From 19 cents to $4 per click

Results: Pay-per-click ads take three months to work on average.

Traffic Exchangers

Traffic exchanges are sites that allow members to join and view the websites of other members. They allow blog marketers to have their blogs viewed by more searchers from other websites.

In other words, the traffic exchanger’s job is to promote your site or links. Through this strategy, you can gain more signups, subscribers, leads, and sales.

Attention!!!: Make sure you are not using Google Adsense as the search engine frowns on traffic exchanges.

Main Benefit: The service will show your links in more than 50,000 places daily, and it is great for Google or Alexa linking.

Cost: Under $10/month

Results: The service can generate results for your business in as little as six months.


Mailers are services that you can tap for an effective direct mail advertising solution. Direct mails allow you to be more personal with your customers to gain their trust, and it is more effective if you are targeting the younger generation.

In this group (generation Z and millennials), the stats are impressive: 36% of people below 30 look forward to checking their inboxes daily. They are quite an oasis of opportunities for growing your traffic, which you can connect to directly by sending them cold emails.

Main Benefit: Direct mail marketing offers much more opportunities to personalize your marketing than other forms.

Cost: 30 cents to $10 per target consumer

Results: Check your open rate and make sure to follow up. Long-term engagement with potential customers results in more conversions and sales.

Classified Ads

Classified ads are a form of advertising found in newspapers, online, and other periodicals. These ads may be distributed or sold free of charge. The goal here is to give your blog more exposure.

You start by searching for relevant free classified websites and post your ads on those sites. People will see your ads on these sites and use your website to get further information. That increases your traffic and helps with your SEO as well.

Main Benefit:

Cost (paid versions): $5 – $100 per line

Results: Average time to start getting results is three to six months.

Guest Posting

One way you can benefit from your blog is by posting them on third-party websites. What marketers do is post blogs on sites that belong to the same industry. As a guest posting your blogs, your role is a guest blogger, and your goal is to build credibility as an expert in your industry.

Main Benefit: It allows you to show yourself as an expert in your field, thereby attracting attention and traffic to your business.

Cost: $50 – $300 per blog post

Results: Results can be immediate, depending on the target audience’s response.


You can increase your exposure some more by joining forums. Reddit and Quora are two examples. These forums cater to all interests, and for your business, these are additional platforms to build credibility, post your blogs, and get to know other experts you can link to later.

Main Benefit: It offers an opportunity to expand your influence, build influence, and gain your audience’s trust.

Cost: Most forums do not charge fees for readers and those posting questions. Try Quora, for example.

Results: It takes about six months to attract traffic to your site from forums.

Blog Commenting

Read informative blogs that allow you to comment after reading. If you are one of the first to comment on a brand new article from a known blogger, that can result in hundreds of clicks to your site. That is because most blogs have extensive email lists.

Your comments are opportunities for link building – both internal and external links. So, be ready all the time with your links and attach them to the page whenever an opportunity allows you.

Also, make sure that you offer value when commenting.

Main Benefit: It expands your influence and builds your authority.

Cost: Free

Results: It depends on the response of the readers.