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 6 STEP STRATEGY To Monetizing Your WordPress Blog

How to make money on WordPress?

Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to post this title. The reason is quite simple; I didn’t want the title to look fictitious.


How do I monetize my WordPress blog? Overall, there are a lot of ‘techniques’ or ‘methods’ that claim to do the same thing but end up being scams, and in no way did I want to be a part of those statistics. You asked the question how do I monetize my WordPress blog let’s dive in and find out.


However, I chose to go ahead and post this title anyway because it is achievable.


Not only have I been able to achieve this, but there are a vast number of bloggers out there who have made a lot of revenue doing this same thing over the internet.

If you have a blog, but you are not making enough revenue, or you are just starting, then it’s about time you invested in this strategy and increase your income as soon as possible.

How to monetize your blog from day one

All bloggers who get to make $1000+ a day,  have one specific strategy that they use that has been proven to work.

All bloggers who use this common strategy have managed to create a profitable blogs. I’ve decided to let you in on this effective strategy so that you too can earn from it.


Let’s jump straight into it then.


Step 1: Craft Your Blog

How do I monetize my WP blog?


Your site is one of the most significant sections of your blogging venture. You may have noticed that I used the phrase, ‘one of’ and there is a reason why.

Most people make the mistake of assuming that the blog alone is enough as a resource for all your blogging revenues. However, the blog is just one in many places where your traffic lands.

It is only a single cog in your blog’s bigger engine, albeit very significant.


We do have other aspects of blogging that you should also be aware of, and I’ll introduce them as we move along.

For starters, your blog needs to be focused on covering a single idea. It should not be used to cover so many niches that your readers get lost trying to make sense of the message you are trying to pass across.

I have come across blogs that try to cover various niches such as nutrition, entertainment, and marketing at the same time, which is just crazy.


Such blogs cannot engage the reader fully since the probability of having expert knowledge in those many subjects is quite low.

Almost always, this inexperience manifests itself in the type of content posted, the lack of organization because of the significant workload, and lastly, the inability to keep up with the readers’ demands.


Blogs made in such fashion have the blogger spread so thin that they cannot adequately satisfy the reader and although they may get some traffic, the readers end up not going to the blogger’s site for a second time. Your blog should be simple and focus on either one or two related niches.


This way, you’ll be able to put up exciting content that your readers can relate to and find relevant and helpful.

If your readers find your content irresistible and educative, they are more inclined to buy your products and subscribe.


If you want to start an income with blogging, you should aim to put into your blog as much first-rate content as you possibly can, and if you use google analytics, you’ll notice an upsurge in traffic.

You’ll achieve this even without using SEO to boost your google ranking in Google’s search engine results pages.


Step 2: Create an effective landing page


How do I make money with my wordpress blog

The landing page to your blog is equally as important as your blog. It’s the key part of your blogging that you can use to redirect more traffic to your site. It’s the welcome mat.


So, what is a landing page, and how does it work?


A landing page is a stand-alone web page that is created solely for marketing or advertising. It is also known as a lead capture page. It’s where a visitor lands after clicking an email link, an ad, or any other similar page on the internet. They are different from web pages that encourage exploration in that they have a single focus, which is known as a call to action.


A landing page should have a powerful heading that catches the user’s interest and ignites curiosity. It should also provide the user with a place in which they could add their names and e-mail addresses.

If the user does this, their name and email are added to your e-mail list, and they are automatically redirected to the subsequent step in this lead generation funnel.


You should have minimal but compelling text on your landing page and leverage the user with a compelling reason as to why they should subscribe. You could offer them a free incentive such as e-books and video, or a one-time offer if they subscribe.

These are called lead magnets. After subscribing, the user could be redirected to the lead magnet delivery page. An upsell offer or a bridge page. You are the one to make the most appropriate decision.


So, why and where do you make a landing page builder?


If you want to make money while blogging, then you’ll need a great landing page. You’ll have to use a funnel-making software that’ll enable you to perform various functions I’ll mention below. There is various software that could help you with this.


However, I’d recommend you use BuilderAll since it’s low cost. The Builderall package has impressive customer relations management functions, and it also fulfills several other critical functions such as an autoresponder at zero extra cost. Check it out here.


Step 3: Using an autoresponder

How do I make money with my WordPress blog

Having an autoresponder can be a vital component to your success as a blogger. The online software allows you to perform the following critical functions:

It allows you to store your email addresses.

It enables you to create and send emails to your new subscribers.

It also enables you to send essential information to your subscribers.

Most autoresponders are costly. However, as stated above, Builderall allows you to perform all these functions at reduced monthly costs.

It is also quite convenient since it enables you to perform all these functions from one single, online-based software, which is pretty functional.

Building an email list is critical to your success since it allows you to engage your subscribers and update them whenever there is any new information that you feel they should be aware of.

It would be best if you built your list of subscribers and also come up with an email campaign that’s pre-written.

Your emails will then be routinely dripped out to your subscribers periodically.

The contents of your email should be either: informational or personal and story-based.

Any content you send to your subscribers should be exciting and engaging enough to convince your subscribers to read.

Creating engaging content will help build trust between you and your clients, which will increase their chances of buying something from you whenever you make a recommendation.


Step 4: Have a Small Valuable Give away product


These valuable mini-products are what we discussed at the beginning, and we called them lead magnets. It is meant to attract leads to your website.

It is not that easy for your users to provide you with their email addresses without benefiting directly from your services unless they love your product.

The lead magnet can also be used as an assurance that your website is genuine and your products legitimate.

making money with your blogYou could choose to have either one or several lead magnets. If, for instance, your niche is online marketing, you could use some of the following as lead magnets:

Top 10 Lead Magnets for blogs

Top 10 selling affiliate merchandises

Free 14 day email campaign ideas

If you want to make money from your WordPress blog, ensure that the lead magnets you use provide value to your users. Otherwise, not many users will give you their email addresses.

It would be best if you avoid using private label rights products as your blog’s lead magnet products unless you unilaterally acquire the rights allowing you to give away the product.

If you get the rights, then you should ensure that the products are of high quality and that they provide value for your users. Remember, the product’s value reflects your business’s value.

The product doesn’t necessarily have to be something big. It could be a 10-page pdf; however, you should ensure that you take your time to provide something that your target niche can relate to and find actionable.

The worst thing you could do is leave your users feeling short-changed.

Step 5: How Do I Monetize My WordPress Blog, Monetize wisely

How do I monetize my WordPress blog?

If you want to make money by blogging? Then the website’s monetization should be your website’s focal point.

You need to be extra careful when planning this part out. Don’t just put up ads on your website and expect to reap big.

There are other steps that you could take to make a lot of money from your website, such as:

Creating and selling your products

Selling affiliate products  (Take Affiliate Quiz Here)

Offering sponsored posts.

Making and selling your products

Creating and selling original products from your site using the autoresponder is one of the most rewarding means of making money from your blog or email list. Make various products like:


Online video lessons such as those found on Udemy

 Creating templates

Coding software


Becoming an affiliate

You could join an affiliate program where you do product reviews and email your subscribers to check the product out. You could send essential product reviews to your subscribers.

However, if all the product reviews you do are important, then you should inform your subscribers about every one of them.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts may be a little bit down the line, especially when you are new to blogging. However, it is also another great way to start monetizing your blog.

If you are beginning, opportunities for sponsored posts will be minimal because you won’t have enough traffic or authority in your niche.

However, as you keep posting more relevant and exciting content, your website will continue to grow.

If you keep creating high-value, informative content, your site will gain more authority over your niche, and you’ll get more people wanting to link to you. You’ll then begin to get steady requests from individuals who’ll want to post as guests on your website.

You could then make a webpage on the site dictating the criteria that one has to meet to get sponsored on your website. You should then include a button that people can use to purchase the space for guest posting.

Step 6: Driving traffic

Having a lot of relevant traffic to your site is essential for a successful blog. There are various strategies you could use to generate vast amounts of traffic to your site, such as:

Organic search engine traffic

Social media traffic

 Ad traffic


Organic search engine traffic

Organic search engine traffic refers to the traffic that Google sends your way automatically through your webpage’s visibility on google’s search index. The volume of traffic you get is directly related to the quality of your content and its relevance.

If you want to rank higher and appear on Google’s first page, then you need to use SEO, search engine optimization, and optimize your content with the right keywords. Doing this will push more relevant traffic to your website.

Social media traffic

how to monetize your blog from day one

Building your social media presence can be taxing and time-consuming. However, if you take it one step at a time, you can build an online presence that could drive vast amounts of traffic to your website over time.

It would pay to focus on creating a fan page on Facebook, a YouTube channel, an Instagram page, an account on Pinterest, and finally Twitter.




The opportunities for success have never been better, and it’s only getting better each day. Now is the best time to begin your online business. I hope you find this post inspiring. I wish you all the best.



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💵killer 6 step strategy to make money by blogging