⚙ How Do I Use Yoast SEO In WordPress? 2023 Overview


How Do I Use Yoast SEO in WordPress?


How Do I Use Yoast SEO in WordPress? The development of technology has influenced the nature of market competition among diverse groups of companies around the world.

Some entrepreneurs still believe in the power of traditional advertising, but it can’t be denied that many businesses today have already migrated to the internet in promoting their products and services.

Through the years, it has been continuously proven that business success is often achieved by enterprises that consider digital marketing as an important part of their marketing plan.


Digital marketing is a modern form of advertising that takes advantage of the broad reach and unparalleled accessibility of the internet.

Digital marketers create and maintain a bond with their target audience through online channels where people across the globe are mostly found. Since the internet continues to evolve, there have already been many feasible ways discovered in which digital marketing can be carried out.

At present, businesses are investing a lot in social media marketing for the most used platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

They are allured by the popularity and perceived value of these channels in today’s generation. But despite the fluctuating trends in digital marketing, SEO or Search Engine Optimization will always remain supreme.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Do you use Google to get the information you need? Yes, of course! It’s already embedded in the minds of everyone to turn to Google whenever they are lost and in need of a refresher.

Considering that billions of people worldwide search for various topics on Google every day, marketers saw the potential in helping businesses increase brand awareness. Search Engine Optimization was then born and started bringing significant change to the digital space.

Search Engine Optimization is a widely-used technique in digital marketing that intends to bring high-quality website traffic from organic search results.

In the simplest terms, SEO helps businesses secure a good ranking on the search results. This fundamentally becomes their edge in gaining tons of website views.

This will further stabilize the online presence. Many merchants consider the use of this technique because aside from being proven effective, SEO also incurs a much lower cost compared to other forms of internet


However, SEO will require expertise and knowledge before a marketer can obtain desirable results.

Anyone who performs this marketing method must have a clear understanding of its principles, purposes, and devices. You’ll begin by evaluating what topics related to your business are most-searched online.

The next step will require you to think about how you can incorporate these constantly changing trends into your long-term content marketing plan.

Last and most important, you need to come up with a potent ploy that can help maintain the effectiveness of your marketing game plan over time.

It may seem blurry and sound obscure if you’re a first-time SEO marketer. But if you’ve been using keyword research for years already, maneuvering the corners of SEO will be easy for you. Start reading about SEO now. You may find it fun. It’s worth a try!

There are so many ways to improve the SEO ranking of your business website. But in terms of technicality, a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO is what you need.

The Must-Have WordPress Plugin Called Yoast SEO

On-page SEO refers to the internal factors that affect the SEO score of a particular page or website. It’s a bit difficult to keep track of this crucial aspect by just using your naked eye.

So typically, SEO experts utilize some WordPress plugins to work on the on-page SEO of their websites. One of the most-used plugins for SEO is Yoast.

In a nutshell, Yoast SEO is a site widget that assists the publishers in creating well-optimized pages to top the search engine results.

It provides real-time analysis and constructive recommendations on how a blog or a webpage can be further enhanced to reach the SEO standards. Yoast SEO helps you create a type of content that people around the world are often looking for.

Yoast SEO has been serving the publishing world since 2008. Since then, this free WordPress plugin has never stopped assisting WordPress websites and has already brought millions of them to the top.

There have been many new widgets being discovered every year, but Yoast magically maintains its popularity across generations. SEO teams always opt for Yoast because its significant SEO features are available for free.

The functions of Yoast SEO extend to the entire website. Aside from analyzing the keyword placements, it also modifies the structure of URLs and meta tags to facilitate easy indexing.

Yoast also provides a panel where users can optimize their meta titles and descriptions for each page on the website. From there, users can also automate a specific format for their blog titles, dates, authors, etc.

If Yoast SEO is activated on your website, you can easily submit essential information such as business name, URL, and logos to search engines.

When search engines can verify and recognize this information, they will likely display it on the sidebar of the search result. This will certainly have a positive impact on your brand.

Yoast is famous for its stoplight-like indicator that serves as a guide for strategists. Green indicates that the page’s readability and SEO are at an optimal level.

Orange suggests that the page is not so good. While red demands improvement. Along with these fun signals, Yoast provides constructive recommendations on how a particular page can get a greenlight.

How Do I Use Yoast SEO in WordPress

How Do I Use Yoast SEO?

Installing Yoast SEO on your website is simple and easy. Follow the guide below:

Log in to the back-end of your website and enter the WordPress dashboard.

Find the ‘plugin’ option from the menu bar.

Hit add new’ and search for Yoast SEO.

Click ‘installand wait for a moment.

After the plugin has been successfully installed, don’t forget to activate it.

When it’s done, you’re good to go.

The Four Main Elements of Yoast

After you’ve successfully activated Yoast on your WordPress website, it’s now time to try what it has for you. Your main working station will constantly revolve around the four significant elements of Yoast. Here they are:

Focus Keyphrase

The first thing you’re going to see in the Yoast meta box is the focus keyphrase. It is a field where you can find the main keyword you prefer to use for indexing.

The analysis of the page will highly rely on the keyword you enter, so make sure that you have conducted thorough keyword research first to obtain great results. Other extended features such as keyword synonyms are available in the premium subscriptions.

Readability Analysis

If you’re determined to rank well on search results, one thing that you should always monitor is the readability of your content.

Checking your sentences one by one is not a practical move because Yoast can provide a detailed readability analysis for your content in just a matter of minutes.

It can tell you if your sentences are broad, your headings are insufficient, and the majority of your sentences are in passive voice.

If you get a green light upon pasting your content on the block, it means you’re good to go. However, if the indicator turns red or orange, you should first improve your copy by following the recommendations it provided.

SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis measures the SEO quality of your page. Yoast will run down an extensive review across your content to see if your main keyword has been sufficiently used and properly placed.

Apart from that, it will also check if you’re able to include enough inbound and outbound links in your content. Yoast will show the result through the color-coded indicator and will provide necessary recommendations you should take seriously.

Google Preview

It’s safe to say that this component is the most important among the ones mentioned earlier. The appearance of your web page lies in how you customize the Google Preview.

It allows you to edit your meta-title, slugs, and meta descriptions. For meta title and description, Yoast also uses a color-coded indicator to evaluate them and give suggestions. Always aim for the green to get assurance that your page will land in the top ranks.

How to Configure Yoast SEO in Your WordPress Website

To be able to access the site-wide features of Yoast, you should first configure it to your WordPress website.

Find the newly activated Yoast SEO on the sidebar menus of your WordPress. Click it and wait until the dashboard shows up.

On the top of the dashboard, you’ll see a banner that asks you to configure Yoast in your WordPress website. Click the link and it will take you to the sections you need to configure.

In the environment section, choose option A which indicates that your website is already live and ready to appear on the search results.

Determine the specific type of your website in the second section.

Disclose in the third section if you’re working as an individual or an organization.

In the fourth section, make sure that you allow Yoast to send both your posts and pages to the search engines for indexing.

In the fifth section, reveal if your website contains single or multiple authors.

You’re given an option in the sixth section if you wish to integrate Yoast in your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is software that helps you track the detailed performance of your website.

The last section is the Title Settings where you can change the main SEO title and description of your website.

After configuring the above-mentioned details, you can now fully customize your WordPress website using the plugin.

Navigating Through the Search Appearance Dashboard

One of the coolest Yoast features is the Search Appearance option that allows the strategist to customize and even automate the entire on-page SEO. Search Appearance is broken down into several tabs with each tab playing a specific function. Below are the most used:


The General Tab essentially contains options to customize the appearance of the homepage on the search results. From here, you can modify the main page’s SEO title as well as its description. You can also add your logo if you wish to.


The Content-Type Tab is one of the most powerful tabs as it allows the user to create a specific content format that will appear in the search results. If you don’t prefer to have this setting enabled, you can just leave the fields blank or refuse to enter the necessary code on the back-end of your WordPress site.


On the Taxonomy Tab, you can group all your past content and future posts by adding their respective categories to the permalink. It’s helpful in content auditing but congested permalinks sometimes result in a low SEO score. Hence, you can toggle off the Category URL option below to disable this feature.



The new marketplace now is the internet. So if you want to earn from your business, invest in beneficial SEO devices like Yoast!