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How Do I Write an Affiliate

Product Review Like The Pro’s



How do I write an affiliate product review for my blog?

Everyone seeks Google to find answers. When you start looking for a product you need, Google shows the closest thing.

As an affiliate marketer, you want to make sure that a product you sell stands out from the rest. So you set up a review website for readers to find your product. But what if you’re a new affiliate and don’t know how product reviews work? You may end up publishing a salesy article that contains no product review at all.

You may end up enumerating all the key features of a product without identifying future issues. Another problem of most affiliates is the lack of personal experience and knowledge of the product they’re selling.


So before becoming an ultimate product reviewer, let’s dig into how to make an effective and reliable product review.

What Do You Want to Solve with Your Review?

How Do I Write An Affiliate Product Review

Let’s get to the bottom.

People want to know your personal experience about the product.

They come to your page because they want to know how the product works from your experience. A product review is feedback. It’s providing your personal opinion about the product. Keep it informative and personal at the same time.

People want a shortlist.

If you’re going to browse a product on Amazon, it will show you a long list that most readers may have to spend hours reading one-by-one. So you want to provide them a shortlist of recommended products, so they can save their time.

People want to know the best product, an alternative to it, and the most budget-friendly.

Even if you want them to buy your affiliate product, give them the freedom to choose. After all, you will influence the buying decision. The best approach here is to make your review personal, so you are subtly selling the best, the one next to it, and not pushing them to buy your first choice.

People want to know if it’s worth purchasing.

You show the different angles in using the product because they are going to throw money in it. So it has to be worth the investment. It has to be worth spending.

The key is to keep your product review as detailed as possible.

What Do the Readers Want to Find in Your Review?

How to write an affiliate review post like a professional

A complete review article would give visitors no reason not to finish reading. It has to be enticing and relatable. The first part of your article should already show how you encountered the same experience.

Here is the information that your readers would likely look for.

Product information

For every product, make sure to put all the necessary details such as what it does, who made it, who can use it. Give a little background about the product.


Make this list straight, short, catchy, and true. These are the features that companies claim to have in their product. You want to highlight them but avoid being salesy. If you’re doing an individual review, make this part detailed and ensure that you have in-depth knowledge about its features.

Your experience

This is your chance to build trust, credibility, and reputation. Present the differences of each product between your expert opinion and your experience on the product.

Did the manufacturers live up to their promise? Show your visitors how the product came to you as soon as delivered. Show the unboxing of a product. Did the parts come complete? How long have you been using it? Did you experience any issues?

When you build trust, you make the sale.

The key to keeping your visitors informed is by being honest. Put your writing in the perspective of your readers. Show them how you felt about the product after using it.


Provide them visuals of the product. Videos of the actual product would give readers an idea of how the product looks like and how to use it. Use genuine photos. Show how the product looks like after opening. Show how the product looks like after a certain period.

Pros and cons

Of course, you aim to sell the product, so you want to highlight the advantages of your best choices. A good review doesn’t hide the flaws and drawbacks of a product.


Your first choice may not be your reader’s first choice. When your first choice in the list is expensive, make sure to include options as the next best and somewhat affordable. Always do research and make sure that you are recommending a good product.

Give a dedicated section for these recommendations and make them more detailed than the other products on your list.

Tips and recommendations

You want to give value to your readers. A few tips and advice on how to use the products is something they will appreciate. Always share your expertise in the field, so the readers are confident that they are taking an expert’s advice.

Final verdict

affilatemarketingproductreviews affilatemarketingproductreviews


Your final verdict must leave a firm stand that the product is the best choice. You must show confidence in the product, and you must present solutions if it comes with a few flaws.

Step-by-Step in Writing a Product Review

Make product research. Gather the best products when it comes to rating, quality, and feedback. 

Rank them according to the best quality and the most affordable.

Mark the products that can be a good option for your top choice, which is your affiliate product.

If you think your product review order is good, get the product a good try and document it.

If you do not try the product, make a thorough research about the product from the manufacturer’s information to feedbacks, and other people’s experiences.

If you think you know the product so well, make an article outline.

Arrange your outline in a good flow by using subheadings, bullets, and numbers. Include the details stated above, so your visitors will leave the page informed.

Start with sharing your experience with the problem. Show your intention and the urgency of solving the problem. Present your products as solutions.

Fill the subheadings with information and personal experiences. Make your tone conversational, friendly, and professional.

End your article with options and a final resolution.

Read your article and proofread. Ensure that the article is neat, readable, and clean from errors.

When the article is done, have another check by a second eye if you can.

It’s not All About Selling

Remember that being an affiliate and a blogger is not all about selling. It’s about showing intentions and building trust, connections, and friendship. When you build trust, you make the sale.