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Is Guest Blogging Still Effective?


How Is Guest Blogging Done?

Should guest blogging be a part of your marketing? The definite answer is YES. The idea behind such a strategy is to seek exposure for your brand, build your presence online, and capture new leads for your business.

Make sure to build your self-confidence and trust in what your company and services can do for your target audience. That is because you will talk with influencers in your niche who will ask you questions that you should answer confidently.

Generate actionable content. Readers are not there just to read. They want to be able to do something after reading your content. You need to provide a way for them to do some action (e.g., purchase something, attend a webinar, read tips on your website, join a Facebook group, etc.).


Also, prepare relevant, fresh content to share, not only with your audience but also with the audience of those influencers. You will work with influencers to create genuine and authentic content to help you rank in Google and build your branding online.

Look at the information below to help you prepare for that wonderful marketing platform called guest blogging.

Create Blog Content

What content does your niche market need? Prepare a table that reflects what your audience is consuming. The table’s headings should include the following:






Facebook shares

Go to Google and search for relevant posts and influencers in your niche. Create another column and name it POPULAR CONTENT. Go to the websites of influencers and look for content with the highest numbers of comments and social shares. You now have an idea of what type of content is shareable and the type that gets the most likes and tweets.

Create another column and name it INFLUENCER SHARED. These are posts that influencers have shared but not necessarily written by them.

Read those posts listed on your table, but pay most attention to the comments and questions readers throw to influencers and the answers provided. Take note of concerns and issues readers have.

You need not duplicate these blog articles. Neither should you write about something completely new. Only try to focus on a different angle and provide a twist that can make your post unique from others.

Long-form content

Making your content longer serves many purposes. Long-form content tends to be more comprehensive and informative. It is also a way for you to show your expertise on a given subject matter. The more relevant and beneficial your content is, the higher number of people it can attract.

Research shows that:

Longer content rank high in Google. Posts with about 3400 words rank the highest in search results, and posts with about 3200 words rank 10th place or so in search results. SEO experts suggest creating posts with 1000 words or more.

Longer content gets more social shares. Statistical data shows that posts with 1500 words or more are more likely to get shared on Twitter and Facebook than shorter posts.

Long-form content for SEO

Long-form content also serves SEO purposes, assuming that you have a website and your goal is to drive traffic to it through guest blogging. As long as you generate fresh ideas that appeal to your buyer persona and provide relevant content, you can attract readers and drive traffic to your site.

Make sure that when people go to your blog, the information they are looking for is available there. So, as much as you want to use guest posting as a marketing strategy, you also want to make sure that you provide engaging and informative content from within your website.

The more people coming and digesting your content within your site, the more you will create a good impression on Google.

Long-form content and backlinks for SEO

How Is Guest Blogging Done?

Long-form content allows you to be comprehensive and show expertise on a given topic. For backlinking purposes, you want your content to be read by people and shared with their audience.

If people think you have fresh and valuable content, they will share it with their own audience and link to it. That is how backlinking works. Imagine that big names, such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Forbes, Wikipedia, or WebMD linking to your content!

On the reverse side, long-form content also gives you a lot of leeway to link to authority sites. Linking to authority sites also creates a good impression on Google. It tells Google that:

Your content is well-researched and therefore valuable to their users.

You work with trusted names and companies in your industry.

Relevant Content

How do you create content that is relevant? To do this, you need to focus on two things: you and your audience. Relevant content is one that resonates with your target audience. On the other side and what it means to you, you need to stick to your branding, its voice, and its mission.

Make content that is engaging. With so much competition out there, you need to generate content that stands out in the crowd.

Be original. You can blog about topics that have already been discussed but add your distinct voice and twist to the topic. Write content in such a way that it is unquestionably your own, and put your unique personality in it. That is how you can grow a loyal group of readers and followers.

Generate actionable content. Readers are not there just to read. They want to be able to do something after reading your content. You need to provide a way for them to do some action (e.g., purchase something, attend a webinar, read tips on your website, join a Facebook group, etc.).

Allow an easy way for your readers to accomplish steps. If they can accomplish something with just a click or two, they will likely complete the action. When they have landed on your page, make sure the join or buy button is easy to find. You want them to complete the desired action without any hassle.

Tell your story. Doing this strategy is a way to connect with and build your credibility among your audience. Stimulate emotional response from your audience by telling them stories that resonate with them.

Connect with Bloggers and Influencers

blogginginfluencers blogginginfluencers

Examine your list again and check out the most influential influencers from that list. Make sure to choose only those who will be interested in your pieces of content.

Send them an email that goes like this:

Hi _____,

My name is _____.

I follow you on Facebook and have read one of your articles on Gardening. That is such an awesome post that I shared with my own followers.

I also read the wonderful comments of your readers, so I am thinking about giving them a more in-depth analysis of the topic with this post I created: [URL].

If you have time to spare to check it out, it will be greatly appreciated.


[Your Name]

When reaching out to influencers, do not only think of your needs. The most effective way to get the attention of these people is to try to understand their needs and what they are trying to achieve.

Remember, people are busy, so they do not have much time to spare to entertain others. Besides, they are constantly being asked for their time and talent.

Make sure that your email is short and direct. Use a clear and concise subject line.

Something that sounds like this:

I have a question that will take not more than 30 seconds of your time to read and answer.

Find influencers on social media.

[bctt tweet=”When reaching out to influencers, do not only think of your needs ” username=”newblogmedia”]

There are at least two ways you can connect with influencers through social media:

Twitter provides one of the easiest ways. On Twitter, enter the keyword related to your niche. If you are searching for SEO influencers, type in SEO in the Twitter Search Bar.

Twitter will show the results. Click on the People button. There, you will see a list of influencers, companies, and individuals. Filter the list per your need.

You may apply a different set of filters to get varying results. That is how it goes with Twitter for finding influencers. One influencer leads to more influencers.

You can also use direct messaging on the LinkedIn platform. For instance, if you are looking for influencers within the financial sector, look for groups within that niche and directly message the founders of these groups.

A founder with many followers is indicative of individual influencers with a good level of expertise in that particular field. So, apart from email messaging, you also have an option to approach influencers directly.

The steps are simple: a simple search and a direct approach.

Guest Blogging for SEO

To get the full benefit of guest blogging, use your blog posts as a channel for search engine optimization. Power up your blog posts using SEO strategies that propel your posts and web pages up in the rankings.

Keyword optimization

Research on keywords that your audience uses to find the information and solutions they need online. When you guest blog, make sure that you consider the platform that you are using as a guest.

If possible, insert the keywords that the platform uses in your content. The purpose is to generate traffic for their site.

If you can promote the name of their business in your content, do your best to do so. You want to make sure that they also benefit as much as they can from partnering with you.

Places to insert important keywords include:




Title tags



How you structure and organize your site’s content is also a key for keyword optimization. You do not only need to choose the best keywords. You must also learn to group them hierarchically in all your posts.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging benefits include:

Guest blogging increases reach and traffic.

By publishing content on a wide range of topics within your niche, you can reach a bigger audience. You can also tap the audiences of fellow contributors on the platform.

Guest blogging allows you to take a look at different perspectives.

If you can create fresh content for guest posting, your fellow contributors can too. Get new ideas from them. Use these new ideas for your website and other websites where you are also a guest blogger.

Guest posting gives SEO benefits.

Because you can get diverse points of view from many contributors, you can generate lots of posts to give your readers on your site a variety of viewpoints. It also gives Google plenty of content to index.

Guest blogging helps build your credibility and authority.

Every blog that you post is an opportunity to show your expertise. Create only quality posts because that is one of the ways you can get attention and build your reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

Social Media Platforms that Accept Guest Blogging If you already have some platforms in mind, consider these additional platforms for guest blogging:

Social Media Examiner

This platform requires contributors to create articles showing how to execute advanced social media marketing tactics and processes. If you know third-party tools that you find effective in your social media marketing work, this platform welcomes those ideas.


This platform is the best for people who love writing how-to articles. It accepts only those kinds of articles with lots of step-by-step instructions. That is because they want their audience to learn things they can actually put into practice.

Creative Guerilla Marketing

Creative Guerilla is a guest blogging platform with the goal of delivering highquality articles for designers and marketers. Your articles must be original and unique to be accepted.

This platform focuses on guerilla marketing, OOH marketing, mobile marketing, unconventional marketing, augmented reality, agency news, viral marketing, and street art.

Blogging Outreach Services

You can also hire blogging outreach services, which are good for people struggling with networking with other bloggers. Examples are LinkPitch.io, BibiBuzz, and OutreachMama.

However, these services charge exorbitant fees. Some of them offer free trials, so try those services first. If they generate significant results for your marketing, then you can consider upgrading to a paid subscription.