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Exposed: The Correct Length of Blog Posts


How long should my blog posts be Just like any newbie blogger, you probably ask yourself what you should do to create content that will attract a bigger audience. If you want to have SEO-friendly blog posts, one of the things you should know is how long you should write your content. Is a longer blog better than a shorter one? Or is it the other way around?

But the most important question: How long is a long blog post, and how short should a short blog post be?

An ideal blog post that is best for SEO is long-form content with 2,100 to 2,400 words. But you do not need to stress yourself to write content following that word count.


There is no exact word count that fits the definition of a good blog post. It all depends on the type of blog you want to publish, your niche, your target audience, and what exactly you want to achieve with your blog.

So before you draft that post, here is the list of word counts for you to find out.

How Long should my blog post be…

Different Blog Posts Word Count

How Long Should My Blog Posts Be

300 Words

Short-form content limited to 300 words is ideal for generating discussions and gaining comments. But it will not do well in SEO since search engines prefer long-form content.

Introductory posts and social media content often fall in this word count category.

300 – 600 Words

It is considered the standard length if your target is to gain more social media shares and comments. But since it is also short in words, it does not work well with SEO.

If your niche is tech, mostly about the latest gadgets, this word count is enough to engage your target readers who only want to read a quick review of the product and help them decide to buy.

600 – 1,000 Words

For more professional-looking content, the standard word count you should target is from 600 to 1,000 words. Most newspaper and magazine content falls under this category.

It is also ideal if you want to get more backlinks from other bloggers and increase your shares on social media.

If your niche is fashion, tech, and recruitment, you can limit your blog posts to this word count.

1000 – 2000 Words

A longer blog post that reaches up to 2,000 words is the perfect option if you also want to gain more shares on social media platforms, and also works well with SEO. But the downside, you might only receive a few comments on your posts.

Most educational content like how-to’s and most popular topics often have this length. The best examples are those found in niches like food, gardening, home improvements, retail, manufacturing, and travel.

2000 – 2500 Words

The most ideal word count if you want to rank your content on search engines like Google should have at least 2,000 to 2,500 words. Most listicle type of blog posts often have this length and also those under the finance, financial technology, and healthcare industries.

If you want to achieve this word count for your blogs, make sure the topic you will cover is what most people search about to avoid wasting your time and effort in drafting long-form content that only a few people will read.

2500 – 4000 Words and More

A longer form of content is what we call pillar pages. This type of content requires extensive research, and study, and covers bigger topics. You can often find content with this word count in advertising, sales, and marketing industries.

Content is king. So if you want to grow your blog, focus on creating quality content that is ideal for your niche and matters to your target audienceClick To Tweet


Aim for Valuable Long-Form Content

Technically, you do not need to follow specific word count requirements to tell if your post is good or not. But since longer blog posts have seen the most success in growing your blog and are also more beneficial to readers, always aim to publish valuable long-form content.

Content is king. So if you want to grow your blog, focus on creating quality content that is ideal for your niche and matters to your target audience.


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