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Using Canva for Blogging?



Is Canva Good for Blogging? If you have not tried Canva for your blog, you are missing out on so many chances to pimp up your posts.

People have a short attention span, and you only want their eyes glued to your blog post. The least you can do as a blogger is to give your readers a wonderful experience while reading. Posts having texts only can be pretty boring. And all you want is to reduce those bounce rates on those blogs you have worked hard on. Photoshop can be overwhelming, but Canva surprisingly has a friendly and simple interface.

So, is Canva good for blogging? Yes, Canva is excellent for bloggers. If you want to know more about Canva, here’s what you should know.

What Is Canva?

Is Canva Good for Blogging

Canva is a graphic designing tool that does not require designer skills to use. You can finish a design in a few minutes, and everyone will think of it as professional work.

Here are the reasons to use Canva for your blogs:

canva for bloggers

Develop branding for your site

Canva has a feature where you can save your website’s brand logo, brand colors, and brand fonts. Using brand fonts provides consistency in your blog posts, establishing your identity in your niche.

Create text breaks

Full-body text-only posts will give your readers an eyesore. Worse, it can drive your readers away from your page. The last thing you can do is give their eyes a break in between paragraphs.

Canva is free/paid 

Canva is a free tool/paid tool, good enough to create graphic designs. All you need is to register and get used to its interface.

once you get used to the interface and you are committed to blogging then use the pro version

Simple interface

Even 7th graders can easily play with Canva’s interface. Clicking that “Create Design” button lets you choose custom size or pre-scaled image size. The tool menu is pretty easy to use. It is not a menu full of unfamiliar and complicated drawing tool icons.

You can start away with a premade template or from scratch with a photo background. Do you know they have free tutorials?

Free tutorials to help you If you have a design in mind, these free tutorials on their website tell you how to use the tools better. These tutorials teach basic designing techniques that you can incorporate into your design.

Save your designs on a cloud.

Be it a finished design or a work in progress, Canva will let you save it on the cloud. Moreover, it allows you to organize them in a folder. Those who use the free version can create two main folders for them.

Collaborate with your team

For bloggers who employ a team, link-sharing is very helpful even if you are working with them remotely. Each design generates a shareable link to work with. You can even leave comments and instructions right on the editor so your team can make adjustments to the design.

Tap here for instant access to Canva

Things You Can Do with Canva for Your Blog

Make a visually appealing featured image.

Below is a screenshot of the Canva dashboard

is canva good for blogging

A featured image is the first thing that readers see on your blog after clicking the link. You can also find it on the list of blogs on your site. Bloggers use featured images so the content in the blog will have a preview.

The visual graphics are an effective eye-catcher, especially for readers looking for specific content. Using a striking font mixed with highly appealing text to match the background is something you can play with Canva.

Click the photo menu and find thousands of photos that you can use as a background.

Click resize to rescale your photo to your desired size.

Make overlays by clicking the elements and adjusting the transparency found in the upper right corner of the editor.

Design eye-catching blog title images.

Scrolling to your social media feed can pause readers with an interesting blog image title. If you want to drive traffic to your blog through your social media accounts, the best way is to catch their attention through the blog title image.

With a few tweaks from the thousands of templates in the Pro and Free versions, you can set your blog title image according to your website’s theme.

Try This Use the preview feature to check the unfitting elements of your design.

Use the “Position” tool to place an element or font forward or backward to your desired layer.

Create infographics

Infographics are a great tool to organize and summarize data to make visually appealing readable content. Bloggers use infographics to improve their SEO and provide users with printable or shareable material.

All you need to do is enlist and organize your data points to visualize the flow of data in your infographic.

From the home page of Canva, select “For You.” Go to the first set of slides and find “infographic.” From there, you’ll find thousands of infographic templates to match your content.

Click the elements button and use the search bar to find animated and vector images to represent data in your infographics.

is canva good for blogging

Plan your image content

You can now schedule your designs from the Canva editor to your social media accounts. If you are a busy blogger who has a lot of things in mind or websites to handle, you do not need to worry about scheduling content for your social media posts.

Using the Content Planner feature on Canva, you can schedule content on your:

Facebook groups and pages




Instagram Business Account



These social media pages are great platforms to drive traffic to your blog. However, this feature is not available in the free version. The Schedule icon is on the upper corner of the panel.

You can schedule posts using two ways: the Canva editor or Canva’s Content planner.

Check the calendar for occasions and events, and select premade templates that you can experiment on.

Save your social media accounts on your Canva Content Planner to schedule content easily.

Create gif images for your blogs

You can add more life to your blog by creating animated gifs for your website. Gifs revolutionize the way people express themselves. Sometimes, all it takes is a gif to make readers relate to your post. Whether you use a video, audio, or photo to animate images, there’s always an option in Canva.

After crafting your design, you can play with the tools like page animation and elements animation to apply your desired effects. You can even isolate design parts to have different effects using the group and ungroup features. Once you are satisfied with your animated design, you can download it and upload it to your web page.

You can animate data presentations like graphs and charts.

Drag and drop media files easily from your computer to the Canva editor.

Make photo collages

Having multiple photos in one image is not a problem with Canva. When you want to tell a story or a timeline in your blog, they should not be plain photos put together in one frame, right? So you use Canva to provide your original ones a touch of your website’s image

From the elements menu, search frames. You will find different layouts for your collage.

The elements menu has different frame shapes to choose from.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to add life to your blogs. Canva is a simple media editor that you can use in different ways. Not only that you can access your WIPs anytime from the cloud, but Canva is also accessible and editable through your phone. So if you think you need quick editing on your posts, Canva always has the way.

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🎨Is Canva Good for Blogging? In 2 Minutes Time You\'ll Find Out