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Kuicklist – Brief Overview and Review

Kuicklist review Do not get discouraged if you have heard anyone say that email is dead. Some online marketers would pronounce any online campaign dead when they can no longer make the strategies work for them.

“Using an email list is far from being dead…”

Using an email list is far from being dead, especially now that it has been given a new life (or some would say resurrected) by a simple yet profitable tool in building a checklist called Kuicklist.

What Is Kuicklist? 

lead generation software for bloggers

Online checklist maker

Kuicklist is a cloud-based software that lets users build highly engaging custom checklists. You can use them for your own marketing schemes if you have a business. However, you can also profit from them by selling them to other people or giving them away as interactive lead magnets.

Checklists are not new. Kuicklist only made them modern to adapt to the times and needs of today’s online marketers. Doing so made the lives of online marketers, including bloggers, easier by helping them focus their attention on what kind of lead magnets they can give away.

Unlike in the past, these checklists made by Kuicklist are interactive. This means that your subscribers will keep coming back to them, equating to engagement. Through this, your subscribers see you as someone who has given them true value.


The old method would say that creating checklists has invested in the idea that the money is on the list. However, services like Kuicklist pushed the thought aside, giving way to the more relevant concept that the money is in the engaged list.


An Overview of Kuicklist

Kuicklist is a software that lets users create online checklists that anyone can use or be hosted online. It’s a unique tool since it paved the way for a new method of generating leads. This is made possible by using a method called “lead by value.”

The method provides people with a checklist solution to assist them in their daily work as the business gains their trust. As a result, the list owner can send these people follow-up emails regarding their products or services.

Kuicklist was developed by Global Ripple Marketing’s co-CEO, Karl Schuckert, also known as “The Shark.” Aside from Kuicklist, he has developed other valuable products in the past, such as Implusely, an eCommerce funnel software, and SegMateApp, a Messenger bot software.

Karl grew up in a family of good businesses and salespeople. His grandfather owned a mortgage firm and a real estate firm. His grandmother was into underwriting and stocks, and his father made a living selling TV and other appliances.

This explains the entrepreneurial spirit of the man behind Kuicklist and the other software that has helped many start-up businesses, build membership products, and building info products.

He got the moniker “The Shark” in 2016 after his three businesses amassed a $3.4 million growth.

Kuicklist is loaded with features that include the following:

SegMate Messenger Lead gate with Send to Messenger and Checkboxes functions

The landing page includes a video

Integrations of autoresponder

Supports pixel code

Users can track their progress throughout the channels via the Progress Trackable checklists

Several publishing options

Leads are downloadable in CSV format

Eye-catching designs of the landing pages

Checklists are mobile responsive

Can add webinar integrations

Users have the option to give free access to the checklists without opting-in

Once someone opts in, smart login becomes accessible

Lead capture

Opt-in form

Fully customizable landing page templates

Quick start through the use of pre-defined templates of checklists

Option for a clone checklist

The opt-in form has customizable settings

Customization options for the landing page builder

The checklist design is fully customizable

Getting Started

How do you begin using this lead generation tool? To give you an idea of how it works, here are the steps to get started with Kuicklist:

Go to the site and start signing up. Once done, log in.

Once you are logged into the member’s area, you will see your dashboard. In it are a bunch of folders and an option to create new folders. The folders will help segment all your lists.

This will be helpful if you are selling the lists or using this for a client since the folders will help keep things organized.

Create the following:

Landing Page. You will have four options for the designs of your landing page.

Opt-in Form

Checklist. You can use a pre-made checklist or set up your own. You can use pre-made templates – 10 are available for free, and many are available for premium users with a promise of future upgrades. Every template comes with a bullet, so you can easily use it to suit your requirements.

After choosing a template, you can begin editing. A pre-made template is easy to edit since you will be provided with all questions or slides you need to fill in. It also offers explanations, so you will be guided in every tick. You only have to understand the process and how you can use what you are making to benefit your marketing strategy.

You can customize the pre-made checklist by changing the colors, adding or editing the subtitles, headings, and many more. It’s your palette, and you can do anything that you think would help the tool deliver to your targeted clients.

You can proceed in editing the footer links and integration.

The integration is located on the right side of the dashboard. When you click on it, you will see the different types of integrations offered and their email services. They have the major email services, and they will keep on adding more over time. It’s almost complete as you can integrate it into nearly anything.

Publish the list

You have five choices in publishing the list you’ve created:

Embed it anywhere.

Install the Kuicklist WordPress plugin and publish the list in WordPress. It requires an API key to connect your Kuicklist account to your WordPress website.

You can download the HTML.

Publish it on your own landing page.

You can make Kuicklist the host of your page.

If there is anything you find unclear, or you want to troubleshoot something, you can click on the Help & Support button. Under this, you will find instructional videos and handy articles you can use to move forward.

The good thing is most users find the app intuitive and self-explanatory. You will easily get the hang of how things work as you navigate and try its features.

Who Needs Kuicklist?

Anyone building a list or those who already have an email list but want them to become engaging will benefit from using Kuicklist.

What is list building? It’s the process of collecting your clients’ email addresses to grow your mailing list.

As much as it is important to have a considerable client base, the list has to be engaging, meaning that the people in the list respond to your campaigns or interact with you. This is the gauge of whether or not your email marketing campaign is successful.

An interactive email list can lead to the following benefits:

You get to know your clients on a personal level

It becomes handy when you improve or create your product – whether it’s a physical product or a website with content you have made. You can adjust your products or services, depending on what your clients prefer.

Engagement and protection

You are assured of overcoming the Google algorithm once you have built a list. To add to that, Kuicklist makes the list engaging and interactive.

Wide outreach

It increases brand awareness and makes it easier for you to find probable clients from around the globe.

kuicklist review
A screenshot of the inside of the editor where you create your checklist, opt-in forms, and landing page.

Screenshot 2022 06 07 11.12.52 Screenshot 2022 06 07 11.12.52

Screenshot 2022 06 07 11.13.07 Screenshot 2022 06 07 11.13.07

What Can Your Business Gain from Using Kuicklist?

This online tool helps you build interactive lists, which will boost your marketing campaigns. It is easy to use. It will only take making the lists and setting them public. This will allow you to collect the contact details of the people who will use the list.

It is valuable for your business, and your clients will also see the value that the lists bring to their peers and to them. Kuicklist enables you to acquire instant authority that will push the sales of your products and services, and make your future promotions work.

In short, Kuicklist can help you increase profits by growing your list and building your reputation.

Available Kuicklist Integrations

Kuicklist will add more integrations in the coming years, but it already has a handful being offered to date. They make it easier to integrate your lists quickly into the workflow you are using.

Here are the forms where you can integrate Kuicklist:








Constant Contact

Active Campaign


“It’s apparent that it’s hard to come up with the cons of the product, but that’s good news for people who want to try it.”

You can also integrate your lists to the Demio webinar platform, and more platforms as the software go through a continuous upgrade.

Screenshot 2022 06 06 13.38.32 Screenshot 2022 06 06 13.38.32

The Pros and Cons of using Kuicklist Checklist maker

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of this lead-generation tool that helps marketers build their email lists.


Easy to use and set up

Comes with a wide range of integrations available – chatbots, webinar software, autoresponders, and more

Includes the checklists, an opt-in form, and a landing page

Simple to understand and beginner-friendly

Beginners can easily start building a list upon logging in and navigating the page for a few minutes

Handy and flexible

More advanced marketers can use the checklist along with their landing page builder

Helps build an affirmative bond with your audience since they have to keep coming back to the list

Provides value to your subscribers

Makes your lead magnet fully custom

Makes your job easier if you’re creating a course

Allows you to add hyperlinks and videos

They have a WordPress plugin

Allows you to use their hosting

You can get a code to embed Kuicklist

Truly a versatile tool

You can sell them as a service

You can use it as a lead magnet

You can use it with your clients

You can also use it for yourself

Works on multiple devices

Mobile responsive


It may be hard if you want to come up with ideas on your own

The branding

It’s apparent that it’s hard to come up with the cons of the product, but that’s good news for people who want to try it. You are assured that you will enjoy using the tool and benefit from it no matter your purpose for using Kuicklist or what kind of user you are.

To explain the cons, some users prefer making their own list despite the many templates to choose from. They feel like most of the templates do not appeal to their niche. In this case, they would need to do their own research, find the information, and apply what they have found on Kuicklist.

Another con is the Kuicklist branding, which may not be a big issue for many users. You will have the branding at the bottom when you buy the front end. However, you can get rid of it if you buy OTO 1 or Downsell1.

Screenshot 2022 06 25 06.48.47 Screenshot 2022 06 25 06.48.47

Checklists are great for getting high opt-in rates this was gained by using solo ads


Bonuses for all buyers are found in the main dashboard Kuickbridge and kuickdock

Valued at $97 and $147

Screenshot 2022 07 15 11.38.16 Screenshot 2022 07 15 11.38.16

Final Verdict

Kuicklist makes it easier for bloggers and other online marketers to build an interactive checklist that you can give away as lead magnets so you can quickly engage with your audience.Click To Tweet

You can also choose to see or use them for your clients.

How do you make an amazing lead magnet? Buy Kuicklist.

It’s a good investment, especially because it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. It means that if you did not like it, you could get a full refund within this 14-day run.

The 14-day money-back is a good feature that you have to take advantage of. However, it may never cross your mind once you get the hang of using the software.

It’s normal to have doubts at first, but wait until you get used to how things work, start applying the features and begin benefitting from the process. You will realize the importance of this advanced lead generation tool even before completing the 14-day promo.

Is it worth investing in? It promises more updates in the future, so it is best that you get it as soon as possible. Kuicklist is something fresh. It offers a unique opportunity to level up your marketing campaigns.

Tap the button below to get the one-time payment option

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