☠These 15 Mistakes New Bloggers Make, May Be Dangerous To Your Success


Top 15 Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging In Your First Year



This blog post is going to be talking about the top 15 mistakes to avoid when blogging in your first year make and how these errors can be avoided. if you’ve been planning to start a blog but continue putting it off because you are afraid you will fail?

Then maybe it is time for you to start pushing yourself to begin this venture. Note that blogging recently turned into an incredible form of online business for many.

It even helped a lot of people in different parts of the world attain success – most of them are now millionaires, actually, through blogging.

If you want to start blogging, then you just have to remember how important it is to hone your writing skills and dedicate some of your time and effort to it.

You also need to be consistent and determined, so you can continue making your blog grow, drive traffic to it, and monetize it successfully.

Aside from that, you should be willing to learn from other successful bloggers, especially from their mistakes and faults when they were still starting.

Here are some of the mistakes that you have to avoid if you are still in the first couple of months of running and managing your blog:

What are the dos and don’ts of blogging? Common Mistakes


#1 – Not setting a clear and proper goal/objective

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A lot of beginner bloggers commit the mistake of creating a blog without having a clear and proper goal first.

The fact that they do not have a clear objective in mind makes it harder and more challenging for them to think about the topics to write about. This also causes them to be inconsistent when it comes to writing blogs.

To avoid this mistake, it is crucial to set a goal before you even start your blog. Make sure that you have a clear perspective of what you want to achieve.

There should be clear targets (ex. an estimated monthly earning) before you set up your site.

By having these clear goals, objectives, and targets in place, you can encourage and motivate yourself to continue even if you deal with setbacks during the first few months.


#2 – Failing to choose and target the right audience

Top mistakes beginner bloggers should avoid

Avoid making the mistake of writing content for everyone. If you do so, then it is highly likely that your blog will become too generic, causing it to be unable to provide the results you want.


Before starting, therefore, it is important to identify your target audience.

You should then focus on customizing your blog in such a way that it fits what they want.

This is important if you want to build a community composed of members willing to listen to you and your voice. Your goal should be to focus on a certain demographic, so you can provide content that will be valuable and relevant to your specific audience.

#3 – Not blogging about topics that most people find interesting

Remember that no matter how good your writing is and how compelling your words are when you put them in writing, you will still be unable to drive traffic if your chosen topic is not that interesting. You have to know exactly what your target audience wants to read.

Yes, you also need to think about what you are passionate about to determine your niche. However, you have to strike a balance between what you and your audience like.

The key here is to research. Create a list of ideas that you like to write about in your blog then conduct keyword research to find out the number of times people search for your chosen topic/s.

Aside from doing keyword research, you may also want to check out online forums that talk about your niche.

Determine if there are people who are searching for solutions revolving around the ideas you want your blog to cover.

Your goal is to figure out if your ideas will appeal to the readers, thereby preventing you from making the mistake of writing blogs that no one is interested to read.


#4 – Not posting consistently

mistakes beginner bloggers need to avoid

If you want to become a successful blogger, then you have to commit to publishing content consistently. Post blogs as frequently as possible, especially if you are still starting and want to make your presence felt online.

Do not make the mistake of posting just once monthly or flooding your blog with content every once in a while then disappearing afterward. If you do that, then you will be unable to get the result you want.

As much as possible, post at least one blog every week. The norm is actually around two to three articles weekly. Note that as a beginner, you need to spread the word out there that your blog is around to answer the concerns of your target audience regarding your niche.

Your target audience is most likely researching online purchases and has several questions.

It is crucial to show them that you are capable of providing them with answers for the majority of their questions, so you can drive them to your site.

Another advantage of posting more blogs is that it promotes a higher rate of user engagement. With that, expect them to become your regular visitors.

Aside from that, most search engines will immediately categorize your site as live and healthy.

The reason is that you fill it up with relevant content regularly.

In that case, they will send bots to crawl your website frequently, checking if you have posted new content. This can contribute to getting indexed faster, which can lead to a higher rank in search results.


#5 – Not using a clear format for blog posts

Stick to a clear format and structure whenever you write. You may think that a consistently clear structure and format is unnecessary when writing in the digital world, but that is a misconception.

As a matter of fact, sticking to a format allows you to write blogs logically. It also provides a structure that promotes ease whenever you write.

Having a well-defined format for your blog also makes it possible for you to break it down into sensible and logical sections, which contributes to ease in writing.

Moreover, it makes it more appealing to your target audience as they will find a more structured and well-formatted blog easier to read.

It is usually the type of post where there is a clear introduction or start, middle, and conclusion or end.


#6 – Writing unattractive and unengaging titles

Another mistake that many beginners in blogging commit is not seriously thinking about the best title to use in their posts. Some blogs have very dull and uninspiring titles that make it impossible for the intended target audience to be encouraged to read them.

Remember that the title serves as the main mechanism that will pull the attention of your target audience to your content.

With that said, you should make the title sound as compelling and as engaging as possible.

Before posting your content, spend time assessing whether the title you intend to use is already attractive to your audience.

If you want, you can use some online tools that help bloggers craft click-worthy titles. The goal here is to avoid committing the classic mistake of bloggers, which involves crafting an impressive post only to be ruined by an unappealing and crappy title.


#7 – Not incorporating images into the content

Top 15 mistakes beginner bloggers should avoid

You also have to avoid the mistake of posting content that does not have proper format and images.

The lack of images is a common fault of newbie bloggers since they are still unsure about the exact pattern to use for their blog and how they can make each one more engaging and appealing.

There are even instances when these beginners write using a general format without making the effort of adding attractive and relevant images. Avoid that error as much as possible.

Note that even if it often takes more time to add pictures since you still need to search for them and fix them if necessary, incorporating them into your content is still worth it, as doing so can make your post more attractive.

What you should do is to incorporate pictures based on your subject, making your written points as convincing as possible. These pictures will surely make your blog more visually appealing.

The good news is that you can now find several platforms online that provide both paid and free images and templates that you can use based on what your blog needs.

Among these platforms are Pixabay, Stocksnap, and Unsplash. Consider checking them out to gain access to some images that you can use for your blog posts.


#8 – Not building a consistent brand image

log log

Aside from the need to use pictures for each of your blog posts, it is also crucial for you to pick a specific image that will represent your brand.

This means you should create an image design that you can consistently use for your blogs. Your chosen image should clearly speak of your brand right from the get-go.

Before starting a blog, you should decide on the specific brand image you want to portray.

You have to think of the most appropriate font size and type, as well as the color scheme that suits the kind of content you intend to post regularly.

After considering all those factors, decide on a stock photo website that you can use. Save and store all these elements in Canva.

Once they are there, it is possible for you to create attractive images for each blog post without thinking too much about it. It is also less time-consuming.

You just have to change the background picture as well as the text whenever you need to post a new blog.

#9 – Monetizing the blog too early

cashkiller cashkiller


Another fatal mistake committed by many newbie bloggers is starting blog monetization too early.

Some are too eager to begin earning money through blogging that they rush into putting ads into the site, only to end up failing as they do things incorrectly.

As a beginner, you may think that monetizing your site is the most important thing you have to do as it is what will let you earn money through your passion.

However, monetizing your blog prematurely is never a good idea.

You have to dedicate some time to making it grow first and driving stable traffic to it. If it does not have sufficient traffic yet, then it would be irrelevant to put ads on it.

No traffic means that no one will click on the links and ads you posted in there, and you will not earn from them.

Make it a point to cultivate your blog first by improving its design and adding relevant posts regularly. Monetize it only after you have generated a stable amount of traffic.

That way, you already have strong traffic, which has a higher chance of being converted into income once these users click on your ads.

#10 – Infusing too much of your personality into your content

As a newbie blogger, you may be too eager to put your own unique touch into your writings. You may want each post to say something about who you are and your unique personality.

It is actually good as there are some instances when readers find content incorporated with some personal experiences engaging.

However, you should be extra careful not to use this style excessively.

Note that if you talk too much about yourself and forget the actual content and the goal of making the content about your readers, then you will only discourage them to continue reading.

What’s worse is when this experience will stop them from coming back to your site.

Talking about yourself, your personality, and your experiences too much in your blogs may only bore your readers. They may also look for other sources.

This does not necessarily mean that you make your blog too impersonal. You can still add your personality to your content, but not to the point that the entire content will become all about you.


#11 – Not learning about website optimization first

Top blogger errors

Before you ever start your blog, you have to learn something about web optimization first.


Remember that it would be impossible for your blog to get acknowledged or recognized if you do not do something to optimize it. Prior to posting your first blog, you should already have an idea of what search engine optimization (SEO) is.

Your knowledge about SEO and on-page SEO is crucial to the success of your blog as it is what will increase traffic and make it generate your desired income.

Through SEO, you can get an idea about the specific keywords that you can use to optimize your blog and make it rank higher on major search engines, such as Google.


With that, you have a much better chance of earning a steady flow of income from blogging.

#12 – Not making your content engaging enough

Every time you blog about something, your goal is most likely to answer questions and provide solutions comprehensively.

The problem is that this might lead to an excessively long article. It may provide comprehensive answers but if it does not contain anything that engages the reader and has poor formatting, then you may only dissuade your target audience from reading it.

What you should do, instead, is to fix the content in such a way that it has elements that will surely be engaging to them. Among these are clear sections that have proper headers, bullet points, some bolded texts, and whitespaces. Avoid long blocks of text to improve your content’s readability.

You can simply add more paragraphs in your content and adjust the CSS styling’s lineheight to improve readability and engage the readers in the process.

The bullet points and some bolded texts in the content are also helpful in ensuring that your readers get drawn to the most important points.


#13 – Ignoring the importance of linking to other relevant sites and content

As a beginner in blogging, you should not also forget how important it is to link to other relevant sites and contents – those that have a significant connection to your niche and what your content is all about.

This is the key to ensuring that you continue feeding your readers with answers and solutions, even those that you haven’t written in your blog.

By including some relevant links, you can provide your readers with sources that will help them do their research even further.

This means that linking to other sites and contents is not only good for SEO. It is also an incredible way to inform readers and give them as much information about the topic.

The good thing about linking is that it does not only work for external sites and blogs. You can also link them to your own written content.

For instance, if there are other relevant articles on your site, then you can include links to connect them with each other. It allows your readers to visit one blog to the next – all of which are written by you.

In terms of SEO, adding links to your internal content is a big help for major search engines to grasp your website’s exact architecture as well as the specific pages in your site that are extremely important for a wide range of readers.

If you link to outside sources, then you can also establish yourself as a real expert in the field who is after putting the needs of readers above anything else.

#14 – Not sharing your content through various social media platforms

soicalmedia soicalmedia

If you are serious about blogging, then you should be willing to spend time sharing all your posted content through various social media platforms.

Remember that regardless of the type of blog you have, as well as your niche, it is crucial to run it for promotional purposes.

Blog and content promotions should involve attracting your followers and customers, and the best way to do that is to make your presence felt on various social media platforms.

With that said, do not neglect the task of sharing your blog or content on the specific social media platforms that most of those who are part of your target market prefer.

Doing so can help in extending your reach. Engage and communicate with your audience with the goal of growing and building your subscribers’ list. Show that you are active on social media by being there all the time.

However, you have to avoid spamming your followers as it may only lead to you pushing them away and annoying them.


#15 – Not interacting or communicating with your community

Top 15 common blogging mistakes

To be a successful blogger, you should also remember to make your readers feel important – and one way to do that is to interact and communicate with them regularly.

Remember that you can’t expect to receive positive results from blogging if you neglect the people who are part of your community.

You need to interact with them so they will feel how you view them as valuable parts of your network. By doing that, you can surely earn their loyalty and trust.

One way to interact with them is to answer any questions they have about the content they have read. You also have to provide timely responses to their comments. One more thing you can do to make them feel important is to keep in mind whatever feedback they have about your blog.

For instance, if your audience suggests changing something in your blog, then let them know that you seriously consider their suggestions.

You have to listen to their feedback since your content is always all about pleasing them.

The good thing about this is that you can see things based on your community’s point of view, which will eventually open up the doors to opportunities for improvement.

By interacting and communicating with your audience, you also get to build strong relationships with them.



If you wish to become a successful blogger, then you should be willing to commit to writing content that will be pleasing to your intended target readers.

You can achieve that by avoiding the mistakes mentioned above. Avoid the usual pitfalls associated with blogging so you can focus on things that matter.

If possible, conduct research on the most successful blogs in your niche before you even start. You can learn from these successful bloggers as well as from the mistakes they have committed in the past when they were still starting.

It does not necessarily mean you should copy them, but you can always get an idea from them on how you can make your blog and content more attractive and successful.

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☠These 15 Mistakes New Bloggers Make, May Be Dangerous To Your Success