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The Number One Reason You Haven’t Started A Blog…THE TOPIC


On Which Topic Should I Start Blogging ?

You don’t have to be an exceptional writer to start blogging, and any successful blogger will tell you this themselves. Blogging is one of the most creative and fun passive income you can do, and the best part is you can turn it into full-time income over time.

On which topic should I start blogging , If you have storytelling skills and you can express your thoughts in words, then blogging can be for you As a blogger, it’s a crucial choice to choose just one niche to avoid having confusing content it’s a number one beginner mistake. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 5 blogging niches you can choose from as a beginner that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Here are some frequently asked questions about choosing a blog topic or niche.

  1. Which topic is best for blogging?
  2. What should I start a blog about?
  3. What should I blog about 2021?
  4. What kind of blogs makes money?

You asked the question on which topic should I start blogging? let’s find out

What blog topics are most popular?

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what are good topics to blog about in 2021, these 5 evergreen niches never fail to draw an audience and can be monetized by using the right strategic methods.

1. Health and Fitness

Best blogging topics

If you’re passionate about fitness, nutrition, and subjects along that line, this makes for a great blogging niche that will lead viewers right to your blog.

The reason behind the success of this niche is a lot of people are actively looking to achieve their weight goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and change their eating habits accordingly.

This is why people, especially those that are actively working out and hitting the gym, will look for blogs and content that will guide them in their current lifestyle.

You don’t need to be an expert on the topic to blog about this niche, but you do need to be informed about things such as exercises, ways to lose weight, and intermittent fasting.

These are just some of the topics you can write about if you’re persistent with blogging about health and fitness.

This is one of the most popular niches, and you’ll have lots of competition in this niche, but you’ll be guaranteed with having a wide audience as it’s a niche that’s very much in demand until today.

In the following, we’ll be listing down some content you can write about for this niche.

Intermittent Fasting vs Keto Diet: Which One Works?

How I Lost 10 lbs: Exercise, Diet, and Everything You Need to Know

What I Eat in a Day

What Is Intuitive Eating? Can It Help You Lose Weight?

HIIT Cardio Exercises vs Strength Training: Which Is Better?

The Difference Between Calisthenics and Weight Lifting

Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Turn Healthy Eating into a Lifestyle

Running vs Cycling vs HIIT: Which Is More Effective?

Caloric Density vs Caloric Surplus: Everything You Need to Know

2. Personal Finance

which topic is good for blogging

This is another great niche to choose for blogging as so many people want to be more knowledgeable about topics like managing finances, passive income, and investing.

If you have a finance background or just have concrete knowledge of the niche, this might be something you want to think about.

Personal finance is one of the most popular niches in blogging, and you could be helping people so much with managing their finances and getting more income.

You don’t need a degree in finance to write about this, but you do need the right information since this is finances and wealth we’re talking about.

You could be blogging about your personal experience with finding a passive income or the challenges you’ve experienced in having multiple sources of income.

These are some of the ideas with the content to make in this specific niche. The reason behind this in-demand niche is it’s fairly easy to struggle with finances and terms like an investment and passive income can be overwhelming before you learn more about it.

With blogs under a personal finance niche, that’s what you aim to do for your audience – to shed insight on how to be less overwhelmed with your finances, no matter what career you’re in. In the following, we’ll be discussing topics you can write about in this niche.

How and Why I Quit My 9-5 Job to Become a Full-Time Freelancer

5 Tips on How to Invest and Let Your Money Work for You

The Difference Between Investment and Insurance

Most Common Passive Income That You Can Do on the Side

Investing in Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

What is Forex Trading? Is It a Passive Income?

Tips in Learning to Manage and Budget Your Finances

3. Travel

On which topic should I Start blogging

Travel is not only the most fun niche that lets you describe your travel moments in your blog, but it comes with a wider audience. So many bloggers have succeeded with this given niche where they can both travel and write about that given experience.

Depending on the success of your blog, this may also come with affiliate links that lead your viewers and audience to hotels, products and services, and other related aspects.

When your blog reaches such a vast audience and manages to succeed, you might even have the chance to travel for free for the purpose of blogging that fun and unique experience.

This niche lets you see different parts of the world while reminiscing the fun moments through blog writing. Of course, this niche should also come with a lot of pictures that allow your audience to see the full story of your travels.

If traveling has always been your passion and you think you can describe your travel experiences through your blog, this could be the niche for you.

However, there is an expense that comes with this niche as it’s a high-maintenance and expensive lifestyle. In the following, we’ll be listing down topics you can write for content under this niche.

How I Earn a Stable Income Through Traveling

The Best Places to Visit in the United States

A Cost-Efficient Way to Tour Around Japan

The Most Underrated Places to Visit in Italy

Italy Is the Heart of Remarkable Cuisine: Top Restaurants You Should Visit

Why the Maldives Is the Best Place to Go on a Honeymoon with Your Spouse

Overrated but Extraordinary Tourist Spots in Singapore

Top 10 Beaches to Visit in the World

How I Spent Just $400 Traveling Around South Korea

Why Traveling Isn’t Just for Leisure Purposes

4. Personal Development

selfhelpblogpost selfhelpblogpost

There are so many blogs today in the personal development niche, otherwise also known as the self-help niche. So many people are actively looking to improve their lives, and the best thing is that this is the most flexible niche you can be in.

Compared to the three other niches mentioned above, you don’t need some form of experience in this niche.

Most people who choose this niche have a positive outlook on life, and have the desire to help others to reach their best potential – so if this is you, your key to success might be in this niche.

Your audience would be individuals who are looking to change their life or turn their lives around in some form.

Personal development is one of the most popular contents being searched today all around the world, so this alone gives you an edge if you do choose this niche to blog about.

You can base your content on personal experience or from the experience of someone you know and there’s no need to be a professional life coach or mentor to start a blog in the personal development niche.

It’s also fairly easy to think of content to write about because of its broad and general nature. In the following, we’ll be listing down examples of content you can choose to write about in this niche.

Why Your Life Isn’t Becoming Better Overnight

10 Habits to Incorporate in Your Day if You Want to Reach Success

10 Mindsets That Are Unintentionally Ruining Your Life

Why the People You Surround Yourself with Matter

Why Personal Development Alone Won’t Magically Change Your Life

5 Things to Manifest This Year

You Shape Your Own Life

Why You Are Not and Never Will Be Defined by Your Past

5. Relationships and Dating

datingblog datingblog

Lastly, this is another popular niche worldwide, no matter the demographics of your audience. Next to personal development, this is another general and broad subject you don’t need to have specific experience to write content on.

You don’t have to be a relationship coach or expert to be credible in writing a relationship and dating blog – but you do need to give adequate advice on the matter.

So many people are looking for advice to improve the quality of their relationship, dating, and marriage life which is why you will have a lot of competition in this field.

You will see different blogs touching on a lot of subjects, whether it’s how to get an ex back or online dating.

If you’re persistent in writing about this niche, it’s better if you choose a sub topic to write about so that all your content will revolve around that topic.

For instance, if your blog is purely on dating, then you have to avoid writing about marriages and divorce as that is no longer under the sub-topic you chose.

This will eliminate other competition in this niche while also helping the audience know what your content is focused on. In the following, we’ll be listing down topics to write about in this niche.

20 Signs That You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Ways on How You Can Leave an Abusive and Toxic Relationship Behind 

How to Find a Date Through Online Dating Apps

10 Signs That You’ve Found the Right Person for You

10 Signs That Your First Date Went Well

Should You or Should You Not Date Your Best Friend?

How to Impress Her on a First Date: Unique First Date Ideas

100 First Date Questions to Ask As You’re Getting to Know Them

What You Should Know About Modern Dating


The Conclusion To On which Topic You Should Start Blogging


In conclusion, I hope this article on which topic you should start blogging  was able to shed some insight on the top niches to choose from.

As a beginner, finding the right niche for you is very crucial as you can’t just change your niche whenever you please – this will confuse your audience and viewers.

What is the best topic to start a blog?

Find that one niche that mostly speaks to you and one that you have the most personal experience with. For instance, if you work out, then the health and fitness niche should speak the most to you. 

it’s all about writing content that resonates with you the most.



๐Ÿ“šOn Which Topic Should I Start Blogging? 2022 POV