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Top 5 Quality Content Services



Warning: These services are for serious writers, not hobby bloggers. If you want to create an authority site or you want to create a portfolio of micro niche sites the services mentioned below are invaluable.

Quality Content Services for 2022

Anyone can write content, but not everyone can make it engaging and be able to sell it. As much as content creation looks simple and easy, it is not. In order for content to be considered high quality, it must be planned, well-researched, and of course, created with a strategy. This is the reason why you might notice businesses are spending so much for this – because what they want is something that will attract consumers and generate leads in returnIt doesn’t matter how much the price is; it will result in large profits anyway.

One characteristic of high-quality content is it should be striking and unique. If you want your audience to click on your content and stay on your website for a little longer, you should know how to grab your audiences attention – and retain it. That is, your content must be relevant to the needs and wants of the target audience. 

“If you want your audience to click on your content and stay on your website for a little longer, you should know how to grab your audience’s attention. That is, your content must be relevant to the needs and wants of the target audience. 

Today, creating good quality content has become crucial for every firm or individual attempting to expand their reach and generate leads. By producing clear, value-driven, and engaging content, brands can reach their target audience easily, create awareness of their products or services to their customers, and develop trust with them.

Significantly, marketing quality content falls under two essential variables –customers and businesses. For most search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and many others, quality content is what shows in their top search. It is what users or customers find first when they are searching, which guides them to where they should buy. While for businesses, quality content is what helps them become searchable. Simply, it is what drives traffic to their website. 

The audience buys from quality content because it gives them the information and value they need to make an informed decision. Indeed, it is evident how there is a considerable need for well-written content since having in-house writing and marketing teams for digital marketing projects is not always feasible.

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 Online Content Writing Services

Quality content writing services

To create strategic content

To optimize content and generate leads

To create content that is tailored for search engines

Content writing services help you position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

The audience is educated about your brand through content writing.

By using content writing services, organizations can outsource content, while maintaining control over their brand’s voice and information. Thus, to help you learn more about this, here is a list of the top 5 content writing services that you can check out if you’re seeking new and value-driven material for your company.

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Articlez.com is a content development website for individuals, businesses, and agencies looking to hire writers who can deliver quality articles for customer satisfaction. 

At Articlez.com, you can hire good caliber writers to help you come up with marketing content such as e-books, detailed content for your blog or website, college-level articles for Elite, press releases for your company, materials for article marketing in general, and basically any customized project for your needs and preference.

Articlez.com provides each account with a dashboard where you can order articles or elite content from your chosen writer. It works by providing your specifications list of the piece which the writer should follow. The average words to include consist of 350 to 1,000 words comprising of primary and secondary keywords. Although most writers can only provide you with the common text, your main keywords can be directed to a certain page on your website. 

Notes to the writer are permitted, but only if they are kept to a maximum of 250 characters. After you’ve paid and submitted your order, a writer will proceed and complete it in the content management system.

As a client, the cost of material at Articlez.com is determined by the word count, as well as the writer’s skill level. The average costs you’ll have to pay for normal articles and other stuff usually range from $11 to $34 for every 350 to 900 words written. Premium content ranges in price from $35 for 550 words to $150 for 3,000 words and you’ll pay between $160 and $600 for e-books with a 4,000 to 20,000-word count requirement.

Articlez.com provides a good deal for business owners, companies, and freelance writers. However, there is one drawback to expect from it. Since you are only paying for the raw article itself, you will be the one responsible for checking, proofreading, publishing, marketing, distribution, and promotion of the material. All these are on your hands given that the prices are low (low prices result in a lack of benefits).


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It can be extremely time-consuming to run an online business. A lot of things require your attention, including writing content to post on your websites. A good way to solve this dilemma is to hire freelance writers.

If you’re a business owner or a private individual who needs premium writing services for the long haul, then EpicWrite can help keep your site current with informative and high-quality articles on any topic you prefer. What’s more, their services are more affordable compared to the others.

EpicWrite has a massive client base that includes website owners and developers, as well as internet marketers and affiliates, among many others. A lot of their long-time clients find the services reliable and cost-effective, delivering high-quality content on a regular basis.

Turnaround time is decent. Delivery is in a few days, depending on the length of your order and the package you choose. Small orders are typically delivered within 5 to 7 days eBook orders will take longer to deliver.

The EpicWrite project system is straightforward and easy to use. You only have to buy credits, and you are ready to place your first order.

Click on the “New Project” button, then enter all the project details. You may include the subject of the articles and the necessary keywords to include. You also have the option to refer the writer to specific sites for reference. Just provide the website URL or link the site to your instructions.

To make sure that the writer completely understands your requirements, it is important that you make your instructions as to specific and as detailed as possible. This way, the writer will have a good idea of what to write about. Once your order is completed, you will get an email notification.

For payments, you can only use PayPal or Skrill. Credit cards are not an option. While the limited payment options may be frustrating, EpicWrite more than makes up for this with high-quality writing services.

Where else can you find informative and high-quality articles starting at only $6/500 words? Only at EpicWrite.


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SEObutler is an SEO content writing service that offers a variety of optimized content, including articles and blog posts on other websites. It is an affiliate marketing specialist where users can request written material, guest posts on other websites, social signals, eCommerce SEO, and citations. Clients only need to define the type of material that they want, as well as other specifications like word count and they are good to go.

Among the four separate sorts of material that SEO offers, each category functions differently, but the most straightforward of them all is the content writing service where users are free to choose from a variety of categories for their articles, ranging from standard blog posts to affiliate-written product evaluations and buyer’s guide. Here, they can select their preferred word count, demand their requirements including the description of their target content in detail, and receive their required content within six days.

To ensure that the contents are read and understood in the native American language, all writers at SEObutler are American and British, with the majority of them having degrees in English or another writing-related field.

SEOButler is a great option for affiliate content, white-label content for agencies, and bloggers. Small businesses that demand SEO-friendly blog content make up a large portion of their client base. By using SEOButler’s services, users can save money on things like blog posts and product descriptions, as well as increase traffic to their website without having to spend time on outreach.

With its reputation in quality content servicing, it is popularly used by several marketing companies as well as eCommerce companies that aim to sell their products online. 


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Textbroker is one of the greatest, tried-and-true platforms that allow you to easily access and outsource articles. If you want to obtain the exact material content that you’ve been looking for, Textbroker is sure to take care of your needs.

As one of the pioneers in the content-making industry, you will find a variety of content creation and development options. Whether you need short articles, essays, blog posts, plain product descriptions, or sharp advertising copies, the Textbroker online platform has thousands of trusted, verified authors who will generate and provide you with content geared for search engines.

You will never have to think about missing deadlines because, at Textbroker, ample time is provided to enable you to focus completely on your most essential duties. Plus, there will always be an available writer among the thousands of freelance writer choices who is perfectly suitable for your requirements. 

Every author specializes in a wide range of niches and Textbroker will give you any form of material whether it’s about lifestyle, travel, health, fashion, gadgets, or even cryptocurrencies. There is certainly someone with experience in your field among their contributors.

It also allows you to translate your content into every language in the world quickly and easily using their new feature TranslationOrder. You can even have custom material written in your favorite language. And for the billing? You don’t have to send an invoice to every author any longer because it will be taken care of by Textbroker from author briefing through export into your content management system.

What’s more, their order dashboard allows you to easily enter your target keywords and use their plagiarism detection service. These tools will help you create original, optimized content that search engines will reward with higher rankings

And for the most exciting part, you will be surprised because, after all the benefits offered by Textbroker, there are no fees that will be charged to you every month. You choose the article’s quality and length, and you just pay for what you order. For more information, you can check out the pricing page included on their website.


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iWriter is one of the fastest, easiest, and most dependable content writing services for business websites. Here, every client is allowed to post projects and hire thousands of freelance writers from all over the world to create their content and meet the requirements. 

It works basically in 5 easy steps as shown below.

Step 1: Register for a free account.

Step 2: Request the type of content you will need. This would also be the step where you will find, hire, and negotiate with your chosen writer.

Step 3: Receive the content from the writer.

Step 4: Check and review the content if meets the requirements. You will need to either approve it or reject it.

Step 5: Once approved, you can now download your content and use it in your business.

If you enjoy the services, you can repeat the same steps and hire either the same writer or a different one.

iWriter is a fantastic marketplace both for businesses and authors who don’t want to get stressed with having the same clients in every project. It is also suitable for content creators who are looking for part-time jobs. Like other comparable platforms, iWriter has a pool of writers who may bid on needs. There are four tiers to pick fromStandard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus. Depending on the type of material you require, you can choose the best bundle for your budget and requirements.

Currently, iWriter has over 1,400+ writers, 6,000+ jobs posted (only in the last 30 days), and a total of over 8 million articles published up to this date. It has provided hundreds of opportunities not only to businesses but also for writers as well.

iWriter is a great platform for connecting with article writers quickly and effortlessly. It is a platform that ensures each writer available is legitimate, professional, and reasonably priced. However, because it lacks an editorial procedure, this platform may not be the best option if you want higher-quality material.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing an article writing service might be difficult, especially when you are on a budget. But, arming yourself with as much information as possible will help. Quality content services are a good option if you are looking for a quick turnaround, inexpensive prices, and easy material.

Through this guide, you’ve learned some of the best quality content services and how they work. But if you want a more comprehensive answer for your content marketing campaign, turn to firms that provide additional editorial oversight and content solutions.


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🖋️5 Fast Fix Content Writing Services (Great for Writers Block)