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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Blogging


Introducing the top 10 WordPress plugins…

Before you start churning out your amazing blog posts and building your devoted followers there are the important issues of using WordPress plugins some are essential to your success especially the SEO plugins. In this blog post, we’re going to be looking at the top 10 plugins for WordPress you can find

To date, there are 58,250 available plugins to choose from for your WordPress site. WordPress was first launched by Matt Mullenweg back in 2003 and now over 40% of sites on the web are using the WordPress management system which is an amazing stat.



To get the ball rolling with WordPress, all you need to do is buy a domain buy yourself some hosting, and you’re good to go I recommend Bluehost, and if you want your site to load super quick a2 hosting.


let’s discuss the top 10 WordPress plugins for blogging.


What Is WordPress?

Simply put, WordPress is a content management system that lets people put their sites onto the interwebs. It isn’t only used for building blogging sites, but it also powers a lot of other online websites. These include business websites, e-Shops, forums, portfolios, social networks, etc. There are two WordPress sites that you can access online:

Wordpress.org and WordPress.com.


Wordpress.org is a free, open-sourced, and self-hosted WordPress software. On the other hand, WordPress.com is a paid and premium service.

for example,

If you buy a domain from Godaddy and you decide to use Bluehost to host that domain, that is wordpress.org

wordpress.com is a paid-for premium service that is not self-hosted, wordpress.com provides hosting for you.


Some top sites built on WordPress

Many popular websites use WordPress. Among them are:

BBC America


Harvard University Gazette


National Post

New York Post

Sony Music





TNW (The Next Web)

US Whitehouse

Walt Disney

Washington Post


No matter what type of website you want to build, there are many reasons why you should use WordPress. It’s easy to install, extensible, free, and open-source. You don’t need to know coding to customize your website. There is a stack of plugins available to enhance your portal as well.

What Are WordPress Plugins?

A WordPress plugin is a software component that gives extra functionalities to a website. They are the building blocks in customizing your WordPress site. Instead of putting a code for your website to function, plugins can help you with whatever you need your site to do.

Faqs about wp plugins

What are the Best 10 WordPress plugins?

Which free plugin is best for WordPress?

Which plugin is best for WordPress?

How do I choose a plugin for WordPress?

What plugins do I need for my blog?


The 5 most common and important functions that a plugin can give are:

Boost SEO performance

Create a contact form

Create eCommerce Shops

Increase site speed

Offer opt-in services via email


WordPress features thousands of free and paid plugins from 3rd-party developers. A site administrator can install and uninstall these plugins from the admin area.

It’s important to check if a plugin is compatible with your current WordPress version. An incompatible WordPress plugin can cause your website to crash or load slowly or cause security issues. It isn’t true that too many plugins can slow down a WordPress site, only the big complicated plugins can do that.


Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Blogging


Here are the Top 10 WordPress plugins for those beginning a blogging website. This list can whittle down the thousands of plugins you can find online. These plugins can enhance the appearance of your blog website. They can also give a better user experience among readers. As such, they will help your blogs grow and increase their reach.



Akismet, WordPress anti-spam plugin

Top 10 plugins for WordPress

Spam in a word means unwanted content. They can be submitted through comments, contact forms, posts, user registrations, or any other way. Spam content commonly has excessive links or illegal websites. A WordPress site administrator should prevent them because they can fill up your disk space or spread computer viruses.


Akismet is a popular anti-spam plugin that was launched in 2005 by WordPress builder? This plugin monitors comments and contact form submissions. It prevents malicious attacks by automatically blocking spammers. WordPress offers Askimet at a freemium pricing model. The basic Akismet plugin is free to download and install. Upgrading its features will then cost a fee.



Elementor, WordPress page builder plugin

top 10 popular posts plugins

You can’t run a blog with just a single page. To have a dynamic blog site, each page should be unique and have a more complex design. To go beyond the limits of a WordPress editor, you will need a page builder plugin.


With more than 5 million downloads, It is the best free WordPress page builder plugin. It lets you build a complex page design through an easy drag-and-drop function paired with a live visual preview. Released in 2016, Elementor allows you to quickly build modules, sections, and widgets in your WordPress site.



Jetpack, WordPress core plugin

10 must-have plugins for wordpress

It will be easier to manage a website using a single dashboard. In WordPress, you need a core plugin to create one.

This plugin keeps track of your website visitors and works out ways to increase their numbers. With Jetpack, you can manage multiple WordPress sites in a single dashboard. It houses different features for your WordPress needs. These include:


Advanced site analytics to help you know your audience

Automated publication of WordPress content to social media pages

Brute force attack protection

Customization tools

High-speed CDN for images

Lazy image loading for a faster mobile experience

Malware scanning

SEO tools for Bing, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and WordPress.com

Spam filtering



Smush Compression and Optimization, WordPress image compression plugin

Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 09.04.13 Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 09.04.13

Blogs can be a bit boring without the use of images. To make your WordPress site more engaging, it is vital to use a lot of photos and screenshots to liven up your blog content. But, high-quality images cover large spaces on your website and can result in slow-loading pages.

You want your blog to load in under 2 seconds people get frustrated with slow-loading websites so it’s good to make an effort in making that happen, compressing the size of the images on your site is a great place to start.


To make this happen you should compress the images you are uploading on your website. Manually doing the process can be time-consuming. That’s why you’ll need an image compression plugin. It is a free image compression plugin that initially bulks all your images and reduces the size.


After installing the plugin, make sure that you enable automatic smushing. This is for the plugin to automatically compress and optimize new WordPress images. The Smush plugin helps you continuously publish visual content without slowing down the load times of your pages.

Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 11.55.10 Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 11.55.10



Social Warfare, WordPress social media plugin

Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 09.04.55 Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 09.04.55

Today, most people use social media networks to look for articles, content, news, and products. As such, they can help build reach and regular engagement.


A free WordPress social media plugin. It helps you increase your site’s social media visibility through great-looking share buttons to your WordPress site.

With more than 1 million downloads, 60k active installs the plugin makes it possible for your visitors to share your content on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. It will also show the share counts on the site as social proof.



WP Mail SMTP,  WordPress email plugin

Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 09.05.27 Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 09.05.27

Email is a powerful way to connect to your audience and expand your reach. To keep your blog website running, you should continuously post new content and invite people to view them.


A WordPress email plugin serves as an all-in-one email marketing solution. It helps send communication and newsletters directly from the WordPress dashboard. By configuring a simple mail transfer protocol, WP Mail STMP can send automated welcome emails, new post-publication alerts, newsletters, surveys, and more.



WP Super Cache, WordPress performance plugin

Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 09.05.59 Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 09.05.59

A high-performing website is easy to use, functional, and well designed. These qualities engage and retain website visitors. That is why a WordPress performance plugin is important to speed up your website. It is a free caching plugin that creates static pages instead of a dynamic page.


Websites use cache to store data temporarily. Too much information in a cache can slow down a website’s load time. With a WP Super cache plugin, static webpages display fixed HTML content on a website that doesn’t need large data storage. So, it improves a WordPress site’s performance by reducing page-serving time. It optimizes your blog site even on mobile devices.



WPForms, WordPress contact form plugin

Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 09.05.27 Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 09.05.27


A contact form is a web-based form that visitors to your website can fill in. Its main purpose is to easily get the message of your viewers without displaying your email address. It’s also a way to gather leads should you need a list for future campaigns.


It is a free contact form plugin with an easy drag-and-drop interface. It houses many templates for commonly created forms like a newsletter, payment, registration, survey, etc. WPForms comes with simple styles tailored to your WordPress theme. These forms are, by default, mobile-friendly and very responsive.



Wordfence WordPress security plugin

top 10 plugins for 2021

Did you know that some internet traffic comes from bots, hackers, impersonators, scrapers, and spammers? A secure WordPress host can take care of securing your site. But a WordPress security plugin can beef things up to tackle these malicious elements.


A great solution is Wordfence. This plugin has been keeping a WordPress site’s backend safe and secure. By cataloging tons of scanned reports and threats, it can pinpoint possible security issues and block them. This is one of the most important plugins to activate first when starting your new blog it stops hackers from getting into your WordPress site and screwing it up and another tip is always to use a strong password for your WordPress site the stronger the better.



Yoast SEO, WordPress SEO plugin


plugins wordpress top 10

People create a website because they want their content discovered by the digital world. The best strategy to increase online visibility is to run in the world’s number 1 search engine, Google. For a WordPress site to rank well, it needs a search engine optimization (SEO) plugin.


With 5+ million active installs,  Yoast is an on-page SEO plugin focused on building findable websites  It’s beginner-friendly and offers basic SEO solutions such as an analysis tool, easy configuration setup wizard, open graph support, and an XML sitemap tool. Yoast SEO allows you to select a keyword for every blog post, and optimize the post around that keyword. This is one of those must-have WordPress plugins.

WordPress is an open-source website, so, anyone can add and build plugins to expand its functionality. Most WordPress plugins are free to install or may cost a cheap price. As WordPress continuously updates its site, you also need to update your plugins from time to time. You can click on the auto-updates button and this will be done automatically for you.


Well-maintained and updated plugins keep a site running smoothly. Yet, WordPress plugins are double-edged swords. If they aren’t properly vetted, they may result in poor site performance. Using more WordPress plugins means more troubleshooting to resolve conflict issues on coding. In general, WordPress plugins can both be a blessing or a curse.


Before installing WordPress plugins, it will be best to ask yourself the following questions:


Does the plugin meet my needs?

Is it easy or hard to maintain the plugin?

Will the plugin affect my blog site performance and my other plugins?


If your answer to the 3 questions is a Yes-No-No respectively, then it’s most likely the right plugin for your blog. Alternatively, you can try digging for more information about a certain plugin online and looking at the plugin’s reviews.

Don’t be afraid of trying different plugins if you are not happy with them just delete them and try something new with over 50k+ available you’ve got plenty to choose from and you can try and find what’s right for you and your desired needs.

Remember that some plugins are simple and won’t slow your site down and some are big and complicated these will slow your site down but only if you’re using them in conjunction with a  lot of other plugins.


These Top 10 plugins for WordPress have been made because of the number of downloads these plugins have had over the years and the activate installs that they still have which speaks volumes about the quality and reliability.


🔌What Are The Top 10 Plugins You Typically Use With WordPress?