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Which laptop Should I Use For Blogging A 2022 Guide?

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What Are The Best Laptops For Blogging? Whether creating or editing written or media content, there is nothing like having a device that you can rely on most crucial times? You need a laptop that doesn’t lag, one that can open multiple tabs in a flash. And even though you only seem to have writing tasks to complete, you need a laptop that can help you switch to media editing smoothly. Of course, who reads a blog without images, videos, or infographics?

Your laptop will be your weapon for content creation and running your blog site. It will be your travel-and-work buddy, so you need one that can keep up with the long ride and the abuse of being carried anywhere.Click To Tweet


Your laptop should have no unnecessary interruptions when you’re at the height of creativity. For this reason, bloggers also deserve a device with high specs. But before we get technical, we have summed up the things you should look for in a laptop for blogging.

What Are the Best Laptops for Blogging?

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Laptop for Blogging


Even if you are not a travel blogger and only write at home, you will always move around with your laptop. You’d want one that’s easy to pack up or set up if you have to switch places.

Portability takes some mix of lightweight build and long battery life.


Ideally, a laptop with a battery that runs at 8 hours is already a good catch for bloggers. When you are on the verge of completing an article, you want a reliable battery that doesn’t drain fast.


Having a wide screen increases efficiency. You want to type continuously, especially when your creative juices are flowing. You don’t want to move your face near the monitor to look at your work. Doing so can even trigger shoulder and neck pains.


SDD is much better than an HDD. It starts up quickly, so you have fewer chances of losing data with SDD.


You want a powerful processor that can browse faster and open multiple tabs in a flash. Go for an 8Gb RAM with at least an i7 processor. This processor will get most of the job done when it comes to editing videos for your blog or editing images or infographics through Photoshop. Your next choice can be an i3 or processor of 8th generation and up.


Here are the CPU stickers you should avoid: Pentium, Celeron, MediaTek, AMD E2, Atom/ Arm. No problem if you see it on a Chromebook. You will regret it if you buy laptops with these stickers.


Best Laptops for Blogging

1. Asus ZenBook 15

laptop1 laptop1

Style and elegance meet durability and functionality.

Asus knows the way with laptops. This ZenBook is a powerful laptop for bloggers and writers. With 512 GB storage plus 16 GB RAM and the tenth generation i7, you know it would carry on with a load of multi-tasking.

There is no room for lags when you rush to meet a deadline. And with its discrete graphics card, you know you will work with clear and crisp images to create stunning infographics and featured images.

You’d love the wider touchpad with more apps fitting to boost your productivity. And for a busy blogger, it means to have one more arm to help you with researching, just by calling out Alexa.

Depending on the tasks for the day, ZenBook 15 can last up to 15 hours, even if one has to write with multiple tabs open, editing images, or on a video call.


Battery life: 15 hours

CPU/ Processor: 1.8-GHz Intel Core i7-10510U, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q/Intel UHD 

Storage: 512 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM

Things to improve:

Brighter display

2.MacBook Air M1

laptop2 laptop2

View Specs Here

You’ll have a long day ahead with MacBook Air. This MacBook Air lives up-to-date manufacturing quality devices that Apple was known for.

You can compare its M1 chip to an 11th generation Intel i7 processor. However, the M1 chip already has an octacore processor, making it faster to open multiple tabs.

While it may look like overkill for a blogger, its insane specs can scale your blogging experience up to the highest level. You can do all things at once while writing. Watch a YouTube video. Hop on a video call. Make an infographic with Photoshop. Yes, it runs on an M1 chip.

Even if you had to open up to 20 Intel apps on a MacBook Air, you have no trouble losing data, and the tabs load insanely in a flash. And the best part of it, is it stays awake for 18 hours. You don’t have to worry when you have to travel. It weighs only 2.8 lbs.

So, if you want to upskill to more than blogging, your MacBook Air will always be ready for you.


Battery life: 18 hours

CPU/ Processor: Apple M1 Chip 8 core

Storage: 256 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM

Things to improve:

Additional touchscreen options

Better webcam

3. LG Gram 14

laptop3 laptop3

View The Specs Here

LG Gram 14 is your ultra-slim portable notebook. The lightest and thinnest portable laptop holds a massive battery life that will make you forget it even needs charging. While most lightweight notebooks seem very delicate, the Gram 14 proves to be rugged for being MIL-STD-810G tested and certified.

Although the Gram 14 has a cheaper version with a 10th Gen i5 processor, this one packs more load and storage but is lighter than ever at 2.14 lbs. And for a slim laptop, it’s quite impressive to carry a lot of ports:

two USB-C


a full-size HDMI port

a 3.5 mm speaker jack, and

a MicroSD card reader slot.

With soft and comfortable keyboards, there is no stopping you from pouring out your creative juices in this handy Gram notebook.


Battery life: 22.5 hours

CPU/ Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-7500U – 2.7GHz/3.5GHz

Storage: 512 GB SSD, 8GB RAM

Things to improve:

Cooling system

4.HP Spectre x360

laptop for bloggers pros and cons

Learn More Here for specs…

When it comes to portability, nothing beats the quality of 2-in1 laptops made by HP. Among these laptops that convert into handy tablets is the HP Spectre x360 which holds the power of the premium laptops mentioned above. It contains the improved style and durability that HP is known for:

Stylus support

Elegant CNC-machined aluminum case

Long battery life

Soft-touch and quiet keyboards

Keyboards are a crucial weapon for blogging. Spectre x360 is backlit on its keyboards, which is very useful if you work in a dimmed area. It also has a large space allocation, making it comfortable to use.

And if you think it’s a bit expensive and still want its functionality, there’s an i5 version of this unit with 256 GB storage and 8 GB RAM.


Battery life: 15 hours

CPU/ Processor: 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-9750H, 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

Storage: 512 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM

Things to improve:

Additional HDMI port

Add an LTE data connection

Cooling system

5. Dell XPS 13

dell xps dell xps

Check Out The Spec Here

One of the premium laptops on this list, the Dell XPS 13 has modern parts that offer great functionality for bloggers. It has a soft and comfortable keyboard, 720 p webcam, two stereo speakers, and a wide touchpad. You would notice the huge difference from the 2019 XPS 13 with a wider keyboard and precise typing as you type away smoothly. And with no interruption, you can even type in the dark with a two-stage backlight.

If you publish blogs and stream podcasts, you have no trouble loading and running Adobe Audition, Audacity, and Adobe Photoshop.

It has built-in Wi-Fi 6 hardware that helps you connect to the internet faster. With only 2.8 lbs. weight, you know you can carry this laptop around anywhere. And with a 52-watt battery, it stays up to 11 hours.


Battery life: 11 hours

CPU/ Processor: Intel Core i7-1185G7

Storage: 512 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM

Things to improve:



Front camera

6. Acer Swift 3

laptop1200 laptop1200

View The Specs Here

The Acer Swift 3 is the most affordable laptop to compete with the high-end ones on this list. With an aluminum chassis and sleek design, you know you are working with a durable unit that can also meet the demands of blogging and multi-media applications such as Adobe Photoshop.

It has a built-in mic that minimizes keyboard sounds. It has also slots for USB 3.0 and 3.1 Type C ports.

With the comfortable keyboard, you can type away all you want, edit videos, or play some games, and it would still be up for up to 10 hours. It’s a great deal for bloggers.


Battery life:10 hours

CPU/ Processor:Intel Core i5-1035G1, NVIDIA GeForce MX150

Storage:256 GB SSD, 8GB RAM

Things to improve:

Battery life


It is quite confusing to choose your first laptop as a blogger. And even if you have to replace your existing laptop, you want one that you can rely on most crucial times: deadline. You don’t want to work with a laptop that shuts down all of a sudden and loses your work.

And most importantly, you want a laptop that allows you to multitask and keep up with your demand as a content creator. Your best option for a premium laptop can be anywhere from Macbook Air to Zenbook 15. However. If you’re on a tight budget, Acer Swift 3 can keep up with the multiple tasks you want to do at once.






๐Ÿ’ป What Are The Best Laptops For Blogging? 6 In Demand Products