✒What Blog Posts Should I Write? Ultimate Checklist 2023


10 Types of Blog Posts to Boost

Your Readability and Build Your Brand


What blog posts should I write? Creating blog posts is not only about putting your message out there. It can make or break your image, especially if you are writing for a niche market. That is why when you are creating content, it is best to ask yourself three things:

What is your purpose? Is it to entertain your readers, to increase their knowledge, or to build your brand?

What is your end goal? What kind of engagement do you want to have? Do you want more views, further discussion on your comments section, or an increased re-blog of your posts?


How can you get your message across? Think about how you can make your posts easier to read—both through words and format.

Below are ten types of blog post content that you can try out based on these three questions. Break the monotony on your blog with these unique blog content ideas!  learn more here how to find content ideas

What Blog Posts Should I Write?

The types of blog content and which blogging content is the best.


what blog posts should i write


✅ Listicles and Blog Post Topics List

Any post that involves enumerating is considered a list post or listicle. This post is considered one! Instead of creating chunks of paragraphs to explain different points or reasons, make your post easy to read through numbered lists. You can use this for posts involving product recommendations, checklists, and other content that are best viewed when itemized.

Keep in mind that listicles exist as a quick reference for compiled information, so make sure to keep the body of your content short and sweet.


✅ How-To Posts

People go online to search for information, so a how-to post always has a spot on a blog. It tells your reader that you can explain how to get something done. A straightforward “how-to” on your title increases the chances of your post getting clicked on the search recommendations because your title is direct. With the title alone, the readers know their concerns will be addressed.

Make the click worth it by creating a concise, engaging, and direct response to the concern or topic. The more clicks you get, the higher ranking you’ll get on the search engine results.


✅ Ultimate/Definitive Guide Post or Cheat Sheet

Checking multiple sources about one topic can be time-consuming. Respond to this concern by compiling all information in one post. Be the one-stop shop on a particular topic by creating an ultimate or definitive guidepost or a cheat sheet.

If you have written about related topics on separate posts before, compiling them in one post and adding internal links could work too.

When you create this type of post, prepare an outline before writing to make sure all bases are covered. Keep asking yourself what else your readers need to know about the topic you’re writing to have a truly ultimate guidepost.


✅ Frequently Asked Questions Post

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) post, as the name implies, is meant to answer questions. What differentiates this from the how-to post and ultimate/definitive guidepost, though, is that it is written in a question-and-answer format.

If there are recurring queries that you would like to address in one go, make an FAQ post.

Your current and future readers will thank you for making it easier for them to find the information they need.


✅ Infographic Post

What Blog Posts Should I Write 2022

When explaining complex terms that might cause information overload, create an infographic post. Some topics, especially those involving numbers, data, timelines, and abstract concepts, are better understood through visuals.

Does this mean you will no longer need to write? Not necessarily! An infographic is a visual that can introduce facts and information to the reader. You—as a writer and a creator—have to explain why this visual matters through your writing.

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✅ Review Post

People are becoming smarter as consumers—especially adults. If your target market has purchasing power, a review post could come in handy. It can be a product or service, as well as a form of media and arts. Go ahead and tell your readers what you think.

Be honest but still tactful because you want to influence your readers to be wise spenders. On a marketing approach, when you begin writing review posts, interesting brands or partnerships might come in eventually, especially if your audience is their target market. If this happens, pat yourself on the back. Your influence was recognized by a brand!

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✅ What’s New and What’s Trending Post

When it comes to online content, it’s often about who breaks the news first. You can take the same approach and post when there’s something new and trending. There will be times, though, wherein you won’t be able to create as fast as you would like to.

During those occasions, aim for completion and depth. You might not have been the first to

post about the topic, but your content could be more informative and easier to read. Provide a fresh angle on your niche too.


✅ Case Studies

Blogs are not just meant to be entertaining. Once in a while, posting something textbook smart is good. Featuring case studies is a way of building your credibility as a content creator. Whether you are proving a point, raising a discussion, or simply telling a story, informational content such as this builds your image as an expert.

In such posts, it is okay not to aim for lots of views or comments compared to your lighter reads. What you would like to happen is for people to cite you or to use your post as a reference. This means you are deemed a reliable source.


✅ Guest Blog or Guest Post

guest blogging guest blogging


Being a contributor or writing on another website is considered a guest blog or guest post. Why write for another person when you have your own platform?

First off, you can reach more readers by writing for another website. You put your name out there and reach an audience that is different from yours. Second, you can promote your blog since you will most likely have an about the writer section or at least an opportunity for a call to action at the end of your article (“If you would like to read more on this topic, visit my blog…”). Lastly, you build credibility when your name appears on other websites beyond your own.

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✅ Interview Post

On the other side of the coin, you can consider doing an interview post. Invite someone whom you think will be interesting for your readers. An influencer from your niche is always a bonus. But it’s not non-negotiable.

A must-have, nonetheless, is talking to someone smart. Invite a person with whom you and your readers can have a discussion. Whether your opinions are the same or contrasting, it does not matter, as long as he or she has something new to bring to the table.

You can always follow trends and quote opinion leaders and influencers in your niche. But you can also try to lead the trend and be an opinion maker by telling your audience, “Hey, there is a new person you should listen to, and she is coming to my blog.”

✅ Bonus: Personal Stories of Success or Failure

Behind every successful blog is a real person. Yes, informative posts are good, but so are inspirational reads. While you would like to build a positive image, reminding your readers of your humanity through stories of your struggles and milestones can make you more relatable.

Building a brand means engaging with your readers. Sometimes influence does not come from poking the mind but from touching the heart. Diversify your content and build a relationship with your readers. Share your personal stories.

Your blog is your brand. What your purpose, end goal, and message are would determine the type of blog post you can use.

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