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WordPress Rocket Review 2023


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Welcome to our WordPress rocket review!

What happens when you open a website but end up having to wait more than 3 seconds for the entire page to load?

Do you wait, or do you get tempted to hit the “back” or “close” button?  “let me guess

For every person that decides to go back, you lose an opportunity to generate traffic to get new email subscribers and sales for your website.

While they say that content is king, we consider website speed the key. After all, how can your audience appreciate your content if they can’t even open your website?

It’s a good thing, there are now tools that help supercharge the speed of your website.

WordPress Rocket claims to be a solution to your website speed problem.

But, is this really worth your time and money, and is it good?

No need to worry because we have already got that covered.

After thorough research and trial of this product, we have created a comprehensive WordPress Rocket review to help you arrive at a wise and correct decision.

WP Rocket Review: What Is WordPress Rocket 

wordpress rocket review 2022

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WordPress Rocket, also known as WP Rocket, is developed by Jean-Baptiste Marchand Arvier and Jonathan Buttigieg. Not new to the world of website building, they were already aware of the problem brought about by slow-loading sites.

It was their frustration with their cache plugin at the time that prompted them to finally develop their own plugin in 2013. Hence, WordPress Rocket was born.

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With WP Rocket, you do not need to install and configure several plugins. You can easily optimize your WordPress website using just a single plugin.

Why is website speed important

Google’s new algorithm requires speed 

Search engines, such as Google, are the ones responsible for the algorithms that decide who gets to rank in the top spots of the search results. In 2010, Google itself announced and confirmed that website speed would be a new factor to be taken into consideration in its ranking algorithms.

More than that, Google has committed to penalizing slowloading websites that give less value to its visitors by pushing them down the search engine results page. If your website gets penalized, expect your website to get less traffic and fewer sales conversion.

Visitors prefer fast-loading websites.

Studies show that almost half of all the people who visit a website expect to view the entire page in not more than two seconds. If a page takes longer to load, 40% of its visitors are likely to abandon the website.

In the world of browsing websites, patience is definitely not a virtue. Statistics show that a delay of one second can decrease your page views by 11% and reduce your sales by 7%. In one year, you could lose the opportunity to earn a hell of a lot of revenue just because of that onesecond delay.

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How much does it cost and what does it do?

Now that we have established the importance of website speed, let’s talk about the cost of solving the problem of slow websites through the WordPress Rocket plugin.

Is WP Rocket a one-time purchase? No, it has 3 different price plans check them out below…

WP Rocket offers three pricing plans depending on the number of websites running.

1. Single plan

WP Rocket’s Single level plan costs $49 which allows you to use the plugin on one website for one year. You also have access to any updates and after-sales support.

2. Plus plan

The Plus package is priced at $99. With this package, you get a WP Rocket license for three websites, including updates and support for one year.

3. Infinite plan

As the name suggests, the Infinite package gives you unlimited licenses and enables you to use the plugin on as many websites as you want for one year. This costs only $249.

All the packages above include after-sales support and updates for one whole year starting from the date of purchase. You are also entitled to a 30% discount if you choose to renew your license after the first year.

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Your account is automatically renewed for the next year. You need to cancel your package before it expires to avoid automatic charges.

What are the features?

WordPress Rocket is not just a simple cache plugin. It is packed with multiple features that all go hand in hand in increasing website speed.

Some of the features that come with buying this plugin include the following:

Compression of CSS and HTML

Compression and optimization of Javascript

– Integration of CSS, HTML, and Javascript

Optimization of files

– Separation of cache files for mobile devices

– Removal of query strings

Lazy loading

– Sitemap and bot-based cache preloading

Safe mode for jQuery

– Compression of GZIP

– Advanced cache rules

– Mobile detection

– eCommerce friendly


1. Automatic optimization

Once your WP Rocket plugin is activated, it automatically applies about 80% of the best practices for web performance. You can immediately observe changes in its speed when you try to open your website.

2. Easy to set up

You do not need to touch any codes when configuring this plugin, which can only take you around fifteen minutes.

3. WordPress tools compatibility

Most of the popular WordPress tools for hostings, plugins, and themes are compatible with WP Rocket. This gives you both flexibility and peace of mind when running your WordPress site.

4. Performance features

WP Rocket contains a lot of features for web performance, which include cache preloading, page browser caching, and lazy loading. These caching features are geared towards boosting the performance and speed of your website.

5. Advanced features

Aside from the caching features, WP Rocket is also packed with some advanced features such as CDN integration, database optimization, fine-tune cache rules, and Rocket add-ons.

6. E-commerce compatibility

Some websites are created to sell products online. With this plugin, you do not need to worry about your e-commerce functionalities because it is compatible with almost all of them.

7. Multiple languages

WordPress Rocket allows you to customize cache options for multiple languages. You can set it for a certain language or several languages at the same time.

8. Customer support

Their support team is composed of friendly and technically skilled representatives that you can easily approach if you have any service-related or technical concerns. You can contact them through their Contact Us form or check out their Help Center for self-help options. They also have video tutorials and a Facebook group.

9. Money-back guarantee

WordPress Rocket offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. Just in case you are not satisfied with the product after using it for fourteen days, you can ask them for a refund.


1. Overwhelming technical features

As mentioned earlier, this plugin is not just an ordinary plugin. It is jam-packed with some advanced features and functionalities which may be overwhelming to non-techie users.

2. No image compression feature

When it comes to images, some website builders tend to overlook the importance of image compression to make sure a post is properly optimized. From downloading a stock photo, you should not add it directly to your post. You need to compress it to the right size first.

WP Rocket does not have this image compression feature. You need to use another tool to do that. It could be an awesome improvement to their next update, isn’t it?

3. No live chat support

Live chat is a popular addition to plenty of websites nowadays. It allows customers or prospects to ask questions and get answers in real-time. While WordPress Rocket provides great customer support options, having a live chat tool on their website could have been a better way to get solutions instantly.

4. No free trial version

Unlike most apps and plugins, WordPress Rocket does not offer a free trial version. Their most affordable plan costs $45 per year, which may still be too high for some people. To show their confidence in their product, they offer a 14-day refund policy instead.

My Final thoughts (“Speed is Key”)

Speed is key. This statement needs to be emphasized because of its crucial role in attaining a high search engine rank and sales conversion.

WordPress Rocket is one of the tools you need to get your website up to speed.

From our WordPress rocket review, we have enumerated more pros than cons. This means despite its few drawbacks, you can still benefit more from this amazing plugin. The missing features we listed in the cons section just might be integrated with the product on their next updates.

While they do not offer a free trial period, they guarantee you your money back if you are not satisfied with their product after fourteen days. This makes you buy their product with confidence.

When it comes to results, we have checked a vast number of websites that claim they use the WordPress Rocket caching plugin and confirmed their speed skyrocketed since using this awesome product.

Hopefully, by now after reading our WordPress rocket review you’ve got a good gist of the plugin, and you can now decide if the product is right for your own site.

WP Rocket is used on our site alongside the CDN integration that they also provide    

wp rocket installed on my dashboard

It comes as no surprise that some WordPress experts consider WP Rocket one of the best caching plugins available in the market today.

Is WP Rocket worth it?

With Google announcing its Core Web Vitals roll-out on 31st May 2021 you need to be prepared there are always winners and losers when Google unleashes one of its updates, make sure you take a look at Wp Rocket for just $49 it’s an absolute no-brainer

You can find their sales page by tapping here

Google Page Speed Insights Before and After… These metrics below are for Mobile which is what you need to improve.

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Screenshot 2021 04 24 14.39.25 Screenshot 2021 04 24 14.39.25

gtmetrix gtmetrix

Screenshot 2021 07 13 07.39.48 Screenshot 2021 07 13 07.39.48

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